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47 year old male inexperienced in wrestling. Just joined local MMA gym to learn the basics. Looking to meet friendly guy's nearby for gentle introduction to wrestle bouts



  1. Wielka Brytania, Liverpool
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Wiek: 48-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 193 cm, 83 kg

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Just so happened we were both free , and at the same time too , which makes a change :-) A thoroughly nice fella. Had a great time trying holds and getting sweatier by the minute in the heat. We mustn't give him too many tips about moves and stuff because with his height, strength and determination he could become dangerous. Fully recommended. Look forward to catching up with him again.



Barny peak jest polecany przez EnglishOak

Met with Barny_peak today and he was good enough to drive over from Liverpool for it. Spent an enjoyable hour trading various holds and pins, and he began experiencing and practicing various scissor holds. A really nice guy whom I happily recommend and hope to hit the mats with again!



EnglishOak jest polecany przez Barny peak

Met English Oak yesterday for a match. He is a really nice guy and kind enough to accommodate. He showed me some holds and pins and gave me some great advice. A definate recommend...



Barny peak jest polecany przez Merseywrestle

It's always nice to meet a fellow Merseysider into wrestling. Barny is just getting into wrestling and has started going to MMA classes so it was good to have a bit of give and take and go through moves with him. He has long legs and as he improves we are going to need to avoid them. I have recommended a few good guys who am sure can help him along the way. Hope to catch up with him soon. Welcome to the grappling community mate.



Merseywrestle jest polecany przez Barny peak

Met Tony for my 1st grapple match. What a top guy. Helped me with a couple of basic moves. I'm sure to have a rematch in a couple of months when I will hopefully be a bit more skilled...