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Based in Milan, traveling across Europe sometimes. Not into cyber if not finalized to a meeting, worship attitudes or role games, fake fights etc/ I simply like boxing and have a fetish for guts. Love to punch and get punched too, especially when it gets rough. I don't enjoy simulations. I know my limits and I am ready to go a little beyond them if, however, in safety eventually. Obviously, I accept and respect others limits too.



Match structure: Wzajemne ustępstwa, Dwóch na jednego, Wspólne treningi, Nie jestem zainteresowany cyber-walkami, Szukam trenera
Fetishes: Uderzenia w brzuch, Nipple play


  1. Włochy, Milano (Jestem tutaj od 2015-12-03)
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Wiek: 38-year-old Gay Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 168 cm, 65 kg

Języki: angielski, francuski, hiszpański, włoski

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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Cet03 jest polecany przez NonoSubfighter

What a strong man!!! So nice and easy going guy who loves gutpunching and can take punches for a long time and hard! His abs are simply perfect. He makes me suffer in 10min more than I can do to him during the whole match. I will practice intensively to be prepared for a new round!



NonoSubfighter jest polecany przez Cet03

The boxing session I had with this guy was real authentic fun (and some pain – more for him ☺) and a lot of sweat. He’s very athletic, very good stamina, very good resistance to hits, amazing endurance and breath while shooting punches and good technique. A real pleasure to have a serious boxing opponent! With teeth protection we can go to more roughness. We deserve a second fight! Off the mat, as enjoyable as during the fight. 100% recommended!



Cet03 jest polecany przez Gallycvs

Everybody say good things about CET03.
Everybody is right doing this.
I ' ve known this guy for about 10 years (more or less) and have some GP sessions.
I want more!!!!! I want more!!!! Always and forever!!!!
Never enough with him!!!
He is a good guy (not only well shaped and deady sexy),
someone you can talk to and feel good.
Easy going man and a great fighter, someone you can fight and have a real great time with because he is strong and passionated.
A tough one who plays safe, who fights sane!
Extremely versatile.
Strongly recommended!!!

5 stars on 5



Gallycvs jest polecany przez Cet03

I have beaten so many time my friend Gallicus, that I am afraid i gave a too strong shot on his head when he wrote his recommendation for me. Gallicus is a small size like me, but has iron in his arms and can come up with a huge drive to knock you out. He’s versatile, brave, can be easily a puncher and punchee and has strong and big shoulders arms and pec that do the job. Off the mat this guy is super relaxed, friendly and funny. A must in the poor north Italy landscape of fighters.



Cet03 jest polecany przez mililutte

I met this athlete sublime abs! we started by fighting, he says beginner in technique but beware a tonic virtue, a huge strength, enduring! he will surprise more than one!
then gutpunching between us and once again what resistance and a treat!
a superb meeting with this athlete!

absolutely recommend and an adorable, smart boy outside the carpet!



mililutte jest polecany przez Cet03

This guy is in fantastic shape, has technique, has power and sense of fair fighting, never goes beyond the limit but i was very happy to have my limits tested and my resistance challenged. it was a real fight. It was impossibile to even imagine to beat him but the defeat was well worth and I would certainly fight again even with no hopes of giving back some good holds and hits. biceps, pecs, dorsal and shoulders are just amazing, can’t hardly think of anything better. Off the mat as welcoming as possible, kind and warm guy. One of the best meet ever on MF and a good reason to come back to Paris.



Cet03 jest polecany przez Boxingkangaroo

In so many ways, Cet03 is the perfect gut puncher. Physically he is perfectly formed and balanced, and he sure knows how to throw strong punches. I came away from our recent first session with a well-bruised stomach and feeling a huge buzz from the entire experience. He promised me a 'good beating', and that's exactly what I got! Not only does he deliver punches with precision and power, he also knows how to take them. His midsection is solid rock and my punches in return just bounced away. Cet03 is also a joy to meet and friendly and hospitable before and after the beating. So, if you are looking for a safe and sane but strong and definite gut puncher then you will not find a better enabler. You will certainly 'feel' his presence for a day or two after the session, but glad you made the effort to meet. 100%+ recommended!



Boxingkangaroo jest polecany przez Cet03

I met BoxingKangaroo for a gp session. He is a good receiver, has endurance and really loves the game. He is in good shape and can take a good beating and can give back some nice shots for his size, but - sorry mate - I barely sensed :) good game and off the game a truly relaxed guy. Meet him if you're a gp addicted and have fun. I did.



Cet03 jest polecany przez Grappler it

I feel like very lucky after we've met "chez moi". It's gone all right, everything. I enjoyed boxing, grappling and plain G P with him, I really hope to do all things again, and I give him six stars of five. Great guy, great sportman, great fighter.



Grappler it jest polecany przez Cet03

This guy is technical, strong and got a real aggressive fighter attitude. It was not easy not to suffer too much during the 10ish 2-minutes sparring rounds but I was able to give back some tough 10% right in the face and some good gut shots. I can say that's a good result given the difference in weight, height, technique. In the end, I got much more from him even if he agreed to lower it down a bit to my level. Very Technical in grappling too, he was a good teacher in this as I have 0 experience. In gutpunching he is a tremendous receiver, he can take for hours, but still - in spite of his power - cannot knock me out, no way :) very recommended for real fighters who want a serious challenge.



Cet03 jest polecany przez GPBLN

The gutpunching session with Cet03 was one of the best I've had in a really long time. It was the perfect mix of rough and sensitive. And this guy looks very hot both when giving and receiving punches.



GPBLN jest polecany przez Cet03

I enjoyed a lot the gp session I had with this guy, who can take way more than I had imagined, by the time I was thinking we were at the end of our session, it was time for him to start again, which we did. Plus, great body, intriguing attitude and a lot more. Definitively I would meet him again.



Cet03 jest polecany przez skyguide

Cet03 is unbelievable handsome and perfectly athletic and strong. When it comes to gut punching, he turns out to be a hard and creative puncher. As a punchee, he can take a lot. His abs are very strong, his endurance is great. I enjoyed the session we had very much.
Apart from that, it was nice to talk to him. He is a kind person I would love to meet again, with our without gut punching.



skyguide jest polecany przez Cet03

I had a committed gutpunching session with skyguide. The guy is in great shape, really athletic body, nice to see and even nicer to punch again and again. He has endurance, and attitude to resistance and opposition as a punchee. As a puncher, he has strength and, for his first gp session, a good determination. Certainly I'd try to meet him more often, if I lived here. Off the mat, kind, relaxed, we were not in time for a drink this time, next time we'll have two. The guy is handsome, very, which makes meeting him a more than recommendable experience.



Cet03 jest polecany przez Lion71

Cet03 is a great and athletic fighter, with a well-defined body and strong abs. We had a wonderful boxing match, engaging and safe. I don’t follow a boxing training course like him, so he was more skilled than me; however he was respectful, so I really enjoyed the match. We had fun with wrestling too. He is also a very friendly and hospitable boy. I am sure we’ll meet again. Strongly recommended.



Lion71 jest polecany przez Cet03

I enjoyed this match a lot: i do boxe regularly and I had the opporunity to do some more with Lion71. He is in good shape, trained body and very nice biceps. Though our abilities at boxing aren't the same and I had some advantage on him, I appreciated his mobility, rapidity, endurance and spirit. We could have had more fun with a boxing helmet but 100% ok for our first meet. Last but really not least, the guy is relaxed and gentle, put no pressure on immediate matches (we all have a life guys, dont'we?) and knows very well this is a game, we want to have (rough) fun. 100% recommended, Hope I will see him again.



Cet03 jest polecany przez Milan fifhter

He likes wrestling and give the best for it. We had sweaty training and enjoy ed a lot, also really strong in gut punching.. Just had a beginning training and was very funny. Good guy really emjoyanle



Milan fifhter jest polecany przez Cet03

The guy is definitively not my size - sort of a giant next to a dwarf - but we tried and it was so much fun. He is very strong, big indeed and undoubtedly skilled. So he's a great challenge for big trained guys and a bound-to-lose match for those who like me got stamina and enjoy a fight anyway in full safety and respect. It took me days to recover from the effort of just not giving up. He is definitively a nice and down-to-earth guy, such a pity there is no chance for real competition here



Cet03 jest polecany przez fghter

Fight this guy!!! He's in GREAT shape, is super strong for his size, and can actually take an ab beating about as hard as anyone I've ever worked over. Genuinely good guy, who is super competitive on the mat, and a serious challenge. He's also super hot! One of the best matches I've had from MF, and looking forward to more the next time one of us crosses time zones.



fghter jest polecany przez Cet03

Fghter was my introduction to BJJ which I had snobbed before. I truly enjoyed and actually shifted my preferences from GP/BOXING to BJJ after the match. Fghter has patience as a perfect trainer, and most of all possesses a real fighter attitude, being aggressive, tough, strong, respectful. It is really a shame there is an ocean between us. The guy is in great great shape, perfect in size for my size, (definitively hot) and a very nice person off the mats – definitively worth my visit in NYC. Hope to be more skilled as next time I meet him, truly want to kick his ass :-)



Cet03 jest polecany przez pshawfocus

Wow, what a nice guy. 100% genuine and we share exactly the same style and interests in gut punching. We had a great meet, arranged very last minute and enjoyed around 3 hours of mutual gut punching. He's a very creative, solid puncher and an equally versatile punchee. The pictures don't do his physique justice and in person he's disarmingly handsome. Oh and he loves nipple play too! Meet with confidence, this guy gets 10/10. Hope we can meet again soon!!



pshawfocus jest polecany przez Cet03

Great guy: totally safe, very experienced and quite strong, we enjoyed a few hours Gutpunching session, after some days I still have my abs hurting. He is very resistant and sadly I must admit I was not able to knock him out. Off the game he is a very nice person and a cute one. Looking forward to it next time, who knows where :)



Cet03 jest polecany przez climbervictor

very nice guy, and he can take really a lot! I got exhausted
as puncher well before him as punchee! he is definitely at a different level than me...



climbervictor jest polecany przez Cet03

Climbervictor has amazing abs, endurance in receiving and a real attitude to the game. We punched each other for a couple of hours and it was great fun (and pain). Off the game he's a relaxed and easy going guys. 100% recommended. Hope to meet soon again.