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Young novice looking for guys to to help me learn and gain experience!



  1. Wielka Brytania, London Borough of Barnet
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Wiek: 18-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 178 cm, 47 kg

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ChubbyJobber00 jest polecany przez AfricanWarrior007

Brought this mouthy lad into the world of wrestling with a hard dose of reality and taught him a very valuable lesson ..... Don’t fuck with The King.

He was pretty tough at first and pretty strong for his age but he had no chance with my forearms, DDT’s, even pulled out my very own leg lock submission, ‘The Coronation’ and general punishment. Knocked him out a couple times too and had him begging for mercy by the end. Now, I own him.

A lot of attitude with a potentially bright future so I highly recommend to anyone that can show him the ropes or that just wants to pick up where I left off!

Next time we’ll have videos so make sure you follow my insta: NicholasStoneWrestles and fb: Stone King to catch all that kinda stuff and get in touch if you want a match! Got the first overseas challenger coming this week and I’m gunna show him and his comrades what I’m truly capable of in MY KINGDOM.

WhatsApp: +447949877469

Long Live The King 🤴🏿✊🏿



AfricanWarrior007 jest polecany przez ChubbyJobber00

Africanwarrior007 was my first opponent ! He did so many moves on me and was really rough , when he did it but it felt good he even let me get a few moves in ! but he did make me his own little bitch in the end and I now want more experience and wanna learn so pls hit me up and help me learn!
Long Live The King 🤴🏿✊🏿