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Just looking for some fun jobber vs heel matches. Like trash talk and long held holds and humiliation. Prefer an alpha heel that knows his moves. Favorites are camel clutch, pile driver, boston crab.

My preference is for mature guys 40+. My partner and I are always looking to make new friends.



  1. Stany Zjednoczone - North Carolina, Charlotte
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Wiek: 36-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 168 cm, 84 kg

Ubiór: Shorts, underwear, nude

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Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Jobber4fun jest polecany przez wrestlertoony

Finally got to wrestle Jobber4fun and we rolled around for a while at my place. He matched his profile exactly and there were no surprises. He is a compact and powerful ball of fire, and while his profile shows him as a jobber, he can fight back really well. We wrestled mostly submission style and I think I got the better of him just because I have a little more experience than him. I hope we get to wrestle again soon.



wrestlertoony jest polecany przez Jobber4fun

I had a great time rolling around with wrestlertoony. He was very kind and accommodating in trying to get scheduled (I have a crazy schedule). He is very strong for his size and is like a bulldog in that when he gets on you he stays on you. He is definitely more into submission that pro fantasy, but I knew that heading over.

All in all, if you have the opportunity you should definitely wrestle with wrestlertoony.



Jobber4fun jest polecany przez ready to rassle

Jobber4fun is a lot of fun to wrestle as well as a great guy to meet and make friends. Lock up with him when you have a chance.



ready to rassle jest polecany przez Jobber4fun

Ready to raise is an awesome guy to roll with. He is highly skilled, in great shape, and just overall FUN! This guy can wrestle for hours. If you're in the area look him up for a fun match.



ScorpGrapple jest polecany przez Jobber4fun

Scorp is a great guy both on and off the mats. He can go for as long as you would like and is extremely dependable. A true gentleman and a good conversationalist. He comes highly recommended.