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Fit flexible Jobber seeking fit muscled heels for a jobber vs heel 1 sided squash match with plenty of pro and submission. Like to be put in heavily seated boston crabs, camel clutches + variations. Like humiliation pins such as ass to face or crotch to face smothers. Like trash talk and can also get into erotic if chemestry is there. Love pro gear from speedos to singlets to masks. All pictures on my profile are of me.



Match structure: Jednostronna dominacja, Dwóch na jednego, Nie jestem zainteresowany cyber-walkami
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling
Fetishes: Strój zapaśniczy, Face sitting, Ćwiczenia siłowe


  1. Wielka Brytania, East Midlands
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Wiek: 27-year-old Gay Meżczyzna, looking for Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 178 cm, 64 kg

Ubiór: Singlets or speedos.

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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I had a lot of fun meeting up with a very nice guy jobberboy and we wrestled. he is very flexible guy and could hold lots of pain and not give up easily ..
Recommend everyone to wrestle with him



galmuscle jest polecany przez Jobberboy0115

I had the pleasure of wrestling Gal whilst in Tel Aviv with business. After speaking for a few weeks before my arrival it was clear we both had similar interests and we decided to arrange a match.
Gal is an incredibly friendly guy but as soon as I opened the door and saw the size of him I knew I was in trouble. His bicep was pretty much the same size as my head and his abs and pecs are like steel. We wrestled for about 2 hours and I was thrown around the room non stop. I was hurled onto his shoulders in racks, bent in spine snapping camels and bostons and pretty much totally choked out on numerous occasions.
Whilst I stood no chance during the match we had an absolute blast and it couldn't have gone better in my opinion. I look forward to a rematch with Gal in the near future and I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to wrestle him to go for it, you won't be disappointed.


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Jobberboy0115 2016-12-15

Ass to neck deeply seated crab.

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Jobberboy0115 2016-10-18

Being put through my paces.

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