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I have been interested in mixed wrestling since my teens but the last few years have also found myself wanting to wrestle anyone of any age. I love pro wrestling style and have actually faced a female opponent in the ring on a few occasions wearing proper attire albeit in private.
I have also cyber wrestled women for a lot longer than most people have been on the internet as being in that industry I've been on it since the early 90s. My newly found bi curious side (last couple of years) has led me to now seek male opponents both cyber and IRL but please be aware that not only am I very amateur with my abilities I'm also more on the jobber side so if you are looking for a heel in both cyber or real bouts then I'd not really fit that bill and wouldn't want to disappoint you by trying. I will however in all my matches regardless of media not just be someone who lies down and let's you win as I'm a great believer in losing because I have well and truly tried my best but have come up against a better opponent.
Also please if you start a cyber match with me then have the curtesy to carry it on and not just abandon it without any explanation as to why.
I can't host matches either so please don't ask.



  1. Wielka Brytania, Preston on the Hill
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Wiek: 58-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 175 cm, 91 kg

Języki: angielski

Ubiór: Trunks, speedos

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