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I'm looking for other inshape guys in Oklahoma or traveling to Oklahoma City to wrestle with. I have mats and lots of wrestling gear. Stats, i.e. age, weight, height are not important. Good genuine people welcome.



  1. Stany Zjednoczone - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK
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Wiek: 49-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 178 cm, 91 kg

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OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez wannarassle

Mark is a super nice guy and a great host. A very skilled and proficient wrestler he schooled me on how to really wrestle. He has a move and counter move for whatever you do. Under that body frame are layers of muscle and power to control you. If you crave the sport of wrestling, like I do, put Mark on top of your want to wrestle list.



wannarassle jest polecany przez OKWRSTLMARK

I had the opportunity to rassle wannarassle. He's a great wrestler and a super nice guy. If you're in the Dallas area, I would definitely recommend getting together with him. We had a great time on my mats. Mark



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez michaelwood

GREAT GUY!..Good on and off the mats....found out he is very skilled, strong, and fun to roll with....looking forward to more action with this guy....see if i can do better in a rematch...:)



michaelwood jest polecany przez OKWRSTLMARK

Michael was a good and strong wrestler. We had a great match. I would recommend him to anyone. Mark



keystonepa jest polecany przez OKWRSTLMARK

I had the chance to meet and wrestle keystonepa. He was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the match with him immensely. I definitely recommend this wrestler. Mark



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez wrestleinsocks

Years ago OKWRSTLMark was my very first wrestling opponent. I had no clue what I was doing but he showed me the ropes. He manhandled me but was also a really great teacher. We haven’t wrestled in a long time and I would love another crack at him on the mats.



wrestleinsocks jest polecany przez OKWRSTLMARK

Wrestleinsocks is a lot of fun to wrestle. I've wrestled a lot of guys on this site both on my list and those not on my list. Wrestleinsocks was an outstanding opponent. OKWRSTLMARK



Wrestle007 jest polecany przez OKWRSTLMARK

Wrestle007 was a lot of fun and a pleasure to meet. He is a great person and a good wrestler with a lot of strength. As a man that's been around this venue for many years, this young man is a class act. Thanks Wrestle007 for the match and I look forward to our next one. Happy wrestling!!!



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez Theman1984

Guys let me tell u about this man I wrestler him quite a few times over the years he strong and know how to work people over so jobber out there if y'all are in OKC u need to look him up



Theman1984 jest polecany przez OKWRSTLMARK

If you're in the Portland area, look this dude up. I've wrestled him for years and he's a lot of fun. You'll enjoy your match with him a lot. Hot jobber. Mark



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez finest

Mark hosted a match at his place. He has 5 or more sets of mats and a ton of gear so this visitor was well catered for!

On the mats mark is both strong and technical he outmanoeuvred me and had me pinned, I wish I'd had the time for a bit of tuition! Big thanks for your hospitality.



finest jest polecany przez OKWRSTLMARK

Finest came to Oklahoma City and we were able to get together for a match. He's a lot of fun, a good wrestler and I'd definitely recommend him.



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez spike huber

Igot to wrestle Mark this past weekend. Mark is a tough aggressive wrestler. We both wanted a competitive wrestling match and that is exactly what i got. Competition.
Mark has a lethal cross face I am still feeling today. I love being worked hard in wrestling and Mark delivers.
As easy as he is on the eyes is as hard as he is to beat in wrestling. I encourage any serious wrestler to make the trip to Oklahoma City and wrestle Mark.
He also is the best host and makes your time spent with him memorable. Kindest man I ever met as well. Great man.



spike huber jest polecany przez OKWRSTLMARK

Spike Huber came and visited me this weekend. He is a great wrestler with some really good moves. He would definitely be worth your while if you're looking for a hard-fought old-fashioned wrestling match. He has great skill and is built exceptionally hot. Spike is also a very good guest as enjoys having a great time. Look Spike up if you're a serious wrestler. You won't be disappointed. WRSTLOK



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez tmac

Mark is a great guy on the mats and off the mats. He knows his wrestling. I enjoy our match this morning. Can't wait till the next time we meet.



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez bradleyj

Mark was a good person to meet, Really good wrestler, experienced. Made the meet more real and entertaining, I got some good moves in on him and got out of some moves he tried to put me in.

Def a good challenge. Met last week (Sunday 29th Approx-First meet)That was a good match also. Will continue meeting again.



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez jjhartfl

wrestled mark several times at the okie rumble. great guy on and off the mats. can't wait to wrestle him again



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez ironranger

Don’t let his “go easy on the old man” shtick fool you. OKwrstlmark is solid as granite, quick as lightning, wicked strong and very experienced. I was thoroughly thrashed and schooled and had a great time at it the both times we wrestled. He’s also a terrific host and a genuinely nice, fun guy. Definitely hit him up if in the area. I’m looking forward to more experience with this pro.

ETA: wrestled this stud the following week, too. He's insatiable.



ironranger jest polecany przez OKWRSTLMARK

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to break this stud in on my mats. Ironranger is a well-built strong wrestler with a lot of heart and eager to learn. I recommend this stud to the wrestling world. You'll definitely enjoy your match with him. He's a lot of fun and a great wrestling partner. OKWRSTLMARK



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez Mighty Mongo

I met Mark during the Okie Rumble and had a great time there. I had the chance to wrestle him and he is a very strong and skilled wrestler. He's very good in getting you where he want you for the win. Great attitude on and off the mats.



OKWRSTLMARK jest polecany przez NickZ

Wrestled Mark at the Okie Rumble. He's strong, skilled and fun, highly recommended. Look him up if you're headed to Oklahoma City.