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Hey there!

Into pro-fantasy style of wrestling.

Just having a good time trying out different holds and moves and having a lot of fun along the way! Enjoy a match with fun selling and good back n forth action which eventually ends with a hot pin-cover ending! That definitely makes for a fun match!

Looking forward to meeting more folks into the pro thing and a gym buddy / workout partner along the way would be cool.

It would also be totally awesome to find someone to attend local pro wrestling shows with!

Talk soon and be safe.

Line: zedasia



  1. Filipiny, Fifth District
    New Home Base
  2. Singapur, Singapore
    (Jestem tutaj od 2019-03-17 do 2019-03-30)
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Wiek: 49-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 188 cm, 102 kg

Języki: angielski

Ubiór: Singlet, Squares, Speedos

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ProFunTO jest polecany przez Wrestleboyjoey

I think that he just allowed me to work him over, and that he has more skills than he had let on. But our match was fun, it was like wrestling a big teddy bear. :) He is quite flexible for a big guy. And he is very nice and friendly off the mats.



Wrestleboyjoey jest polecany przez ProFunTO

Joey's very fierce on the mats and his wrestling experience definitely showed up as an advantage as he bent and twisted me around like a play toy! hahaha He's definitely skilled, safe and was a fun night. He's a wonderful guy off the mats and enjoyed spending time talking about wrestling all sorts of other topics! Looking forward to meeting again.



ProFunTO jest polecany przez Kevin

It was very nice to wrestle with ProFunTO. I enjoyed our hot sweaty big vs small match. Wrestled him twice during his visit in Bangkok. I enjoyed both. Off the mat he is a fun and friendly guy to talk with. Recommended!



Kevin jest polecany przez ProFunTO such an awesome guy, super friendly and nice off the mats! I had a great time wrestling him...he's surprisingly super strong, has killer tough abs, knows how to dish out the punishment and I think he really enjoys being a bad ass! Definitely a lot of fun and looking forward to wrestling again! :)