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I am a former amateur-wrestler. I am quite well trained and strong. Do weightlifting. I like most sort of combatsports.
I think it is very thrilling two man fighting for victory.
I am open for hard and rough fights with strong opponents to see who is the better fighter.
Have a fightroom with mat (5 by 5 metres).



  1. Niemcy, Lübeck
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Zaproszę do siebie (Bed and Breakfast)


Wiek: 50-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 181 cm, 76 kg

Ubiór: shirtless singlet

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Judo Judo

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Ringerohr jest polecany przez glad42

Met with Peter at his ring for the second time.
He is strong and was still fit after 12 * 3 min rounds
He is quick and has a hard punch.
If you are looking for a boxing match this is a good person to get in touch with.

Very generous outside and has offered us hospitality on both occasions.



glad42 jest polecany przez Ringerohr

He is is skilled and a determined opponent. We boxed 12 rounds each 3 minutes. He brought lased gloves which we taped. It made it very real.
He learnt his moves , has good boxing skills and moves to avoid punches. Finally neither of us was able to knouck the other one out.
I enjoyed boxing him and it might not be the last time.
Friends of us were watching which made this bout even more real.
After the fight we had a few beers and good conversation.
He is wellcome here at any time !



Ringerohr jest polecany przez BeardedFighter

I was a guest in his own boxring and it was a really great experience.
We realized very quickly that we belong into different classes, his abilities, how fit he is, his experiences are still a long way from mine. But he has taken responsibility and we soon switched to the training mode. I have learned so much as never before and will practice so that I can compete in the Fightclub one day.

Both in the ring and outside, R. is a sympathetic, reliable guy with whom you can talk about a thousand topics over a beer. From the arrival to the departure a great meeting.
Who really wants to fight hard and for real, should take the path, he finds a fantastic opponent at the coast side.
Who wants to learn, can not ask for a better coach. As soon as possible, I will return .... THANK YOU FOR ALL!



BeardedFighter jest polecany przez Ringerohr

We met here in my boxring, laced our gloves and boxed a few rounds.
Despite the fact that he was bleeding he continued to box bravely.
He definitely is not afraid of delivering and recieving heavy punches.
We agreed on boxing again and starting a small fight club here.
I can recommend him to anyone who wants to fight for real.
Outside the ring we had a good time too.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez ffighter009

Wer boxen will sollte sich auf den Weg an die Ostsee machen.Dort kannst du auf Ringerohr treffen, einen sehr fitten und sympathischen Boxer!!Sein Ring ist ideal für einen Boxkampf. Wir haben ein paar Runden, sportlich und fair, geboxt und mir war schnell klar wer der Chef im Ring ist! Nebenher ist er ein guter Coach und Trainer, der sein Wissen gerne weiter gibt.
Gastfreundschaft wird bei Ihm groß geschrieben!
Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf unseren nächsten Kampf!!



ffighter009 jest polecany przez Ringerohr

We have boxed a few rounds. He is a brave fighter and not afraid of being bruised.
He said he would train more and work on his stamina. And next time he promised to beat the hell out of me.
I am looking forward boxing him again.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez WrslMscl

I met this formidable fighter at a wrestling camp near Berlin, Germany a few years ago, and I have been planning a rematch since. He’s equally skilled as a wrestler and as a boxer, while being respectful and level-headed. Can’t wait for us to test each other again.



GolemGer jest polecany przez Ringerohr

Wir trafen uns in meinem Boxring. Golem ist ein mutiger Kämpfer und er besorgte sich einen Mundschutz so dass wir richtig geboxt haben. Er hat vorher noch nie geboxt.
Wir haben auch gerungen und darüber hinaus gute Gespräche über Gott und die Welt geführt.
Er ist ein super Typ und ein freundlicher Mensch, der in echt auch so massiv aussieht und eine echte 'Augenweide' ist.
Wir wohnen ja recht dicht bei und es wird Wiederholungen geben.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez imthere

No.. I didn't meet him as fight meet, just met Ringerohr for training.

His a good coach and I really recommend anybody who has great background skills in Greco-Roman, Freestyle wrestling and Boxing to meet him cause he can give you tough match

For me, i met him as newbie in Boxing. Happy with what I learned from himand I really have to keep head up facing opponent if I ever dream of competing boxing/any fight sports 😁🤙🏽



imthere jest polecany przez Ringerohr

We met for training. He is eager to learn and for his size quite good fighter. In boxing he still has to learn a lot. He is not afraid getting into a real fight. Outside the ring he is a nice and friendly person.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez AussieBoxer

We had a great fight at a boxing event in Offenbach, near Frankfurt, earlier this year. Because of the large numbers of fighters all wanting to box at this very successful event, we had only a couple of rounds in the ring together. Well, he made them all count, coming at me guns blazing from the first bell! He is very strong, muscular and has great cardio; hits very hard, has good defence and can take a good punch, and moves around the ring quickly, attacking from different angles. Really, this is everything a serious boxer wants in an opponent. Hope to box him again some time soon - and, yes, we'll have a beer together afterwards! ;-) A great guy out of the ring, and a top recommendation.



AussieBoxer jest polecany przez Ringerohr

He is a real fighter and not afraid of having a real fight.
Outside the ring he is a polite and gentle person.
I can recommend him to anybody who want to box.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez berber

Endlich hatten wir unsere intensive und abwechslungsreiche Begegnung im Ringercamp.
R. ist ein erfahrener, hartnäckiger und geschmeidiger Kämpfer; faustdick hinter den Ohren mit viel Power und Witz, um jeden auf Kreuz legen zu können. Harte Runden auf der Matte und toller Kerl danach. Immer wieder und meine beste Empfehlung.



berber jest polecany przez Ringerohr

We wrestled at the international wrestling-camp in Lindow.
He is a strong and skillful wrestler. We fought a few matches. The outcome was always a uncertain thing. Sometimes I won .... sometime he beat me.
On the mat he is a tough fighter who fights for victory and puts everything in.
Off the mat he is a very nice guy. We shared a few beers and became friends.
I can highly recommend him.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez imper

If you are in Hamburg necessarily have a meeting with Ringerohr, you will regret if there is no meeting, he is a very good companion, but even the best wrestler and boxer, in his ring you will get great pleasure from the fight, but you need something to be able to withstand his strength and skill. Highly recommend



imper jest polecany przez Ringerohr

Very good fighter .... very skilled.
We boxed grappled and did freestyle-wrestling.
Highly recommend.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez Nordic Wrestler

Ringerohr is a very skilled and experienced wrestler. It was real fun to wrestle him, a strong wrestler with a huge amateur wrestling background. He has a great place to wrestle.
We started to wrestle competitive, amateur-freestyle. He knows best how to wrestle and to use moves and grips effectively. Although I tried my best, I couldn't win the fight. Afterwards he showed me how I can improve my skills and gave my some advices. Just a perfect wrestling session.
It was real fun to wrestle him.
I can strongly recommend him to anyone who likes to wrestle for real.



Nordic Wrestler jest polecany przez Ringerohr

Nordic_Wrestler is a skilled wrestler with an amateur wrestling background.
We wrestled here amateur-freestyle. He has power and is determind to win. Was real fun to wrestle him.
I can recommend him to anyone who wants to wrestle for real.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez HarborFighter

Peter is AWESOME. I love boxing him. He hits HARD. And a LOT. He is GOOD AND TOUGH. If you want a good hard fight, get in the ring with this man. He is such a nice guy out of the ring, too. I was just at the beginning of my boxing tour around the world. Frankfurt was my second stop. ALL the guys at this event were great. Peter was the greatest!



HarborFighter jest polecany przez Ringerohr

Haborfighter is precisely what you can expect if you read his profile.
He fights hard and is not afraid of going into a clinch.
Outside the ring he is a nice guy.
He is worth meeting !



Ringerohr jest polecany przez FrBoxer

Ringerohr is a talented fighter and I was happy to meet him in and outside the ring. He claims he is still a beginner boxer and more of a wrestler.. Well he still is a very competitive and good boxer, who gave me a fair and rough time in the ring .. so I highly recommend Peter.
On top of his eye-catching physique, Peter is also a very friendly and chatty bloke. I had a great time with him and hope to meet him again soon.



FrBoxer jest polecany przez Ringerohr

FrBoxer knows how to box and goes for the real thing. We had good rough fights and he is willing to give 100 percent. I like to fight him again and can recommend him to anyone who want a real boxfight.
Outside the ring he is a smart person and has a nice personality and we became friends.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez Boxingmarco

Met him several times and he's the one for the real fighters. Always a good give and take when we met. Lots of fun, and he's a great guy off the ring, too. Hope we will fight again!



Boxingmarco jest polecany przez Ringerohr

I fought Boxingmarco at several occasions.
He is a skilled and trained boxer. I enjoyed our matches very much.
He has a nice personality and is reliable.
I can recommend him to anyone who wants to fight for real.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez realboxer

Last weekend we had a boxing tournament and there I met Ringerohr. It was a pleasure to fight him. He is very skilled in boxing. I have to train better to beat him... But a good reason to meet him again and box!
And a very nice guy outside the ring!



realboxer jest polecany przez Ringerohr

He a good fighter who gives eveything in the ring.
And he is a good nice fellow. I can recommend him and would fight him anytime again.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez JasonOG

strong and skilled fighter. and determinated to win. was a hard and extense match with a lot of pleasure - and with winning and loosing on both sides. fight him, if you like a real match. highly recommanded.



JasonOG jest polecany przez Ringerohr

He is a realiable person, friendly guy who knows how to fight especially if you grapple with him.
He is strong and skilled. It was my pleasure to fight him.
I can recommend him very much.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez Boxer Saarland

Peter started boxing for one year and he is willing to learn the technics of this sport. he is strong and has a good physical fitness for boxing. higly recommended.



Boxer Saarland jest polecany przez Ringerohr

Stephan is a good host and an excellent boxer. As an experienced boxer he showed me the fine art of boxing and is a good Trainer.
I can recommend him to anybody who loves boxing.



Ringerohr jest polecany przez GrapplingHB

One of the best trained fighters I´ve ever met here. He has a lot of skills in free-style wrestling and he is also very strong


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