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I'm looking for a training partner to exercise wrestling holds and moves. Haven't big wrestling experience, but I'm eager to improve my sports skills. Priority is the satisfaction of both opponents and always safe and sane matches.
For bouts, you can catch me at Village Gym Hide or just send me the message.



  1. Wielka Brytania, Swindon
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Wiek: 45-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 178 cm, 110 kg

Języki: angielski, polski

Ubiór: singlets, trunks

Rodzaj walki:
Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Judo Judo

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Ringo jest polecany przez Judopete

A big hunk of a man capable of pins and chokes!
Sane and safe!
Looking forward to a re-match!



Judopete jest polecany przez Ringo

We meet with Judopete some times ago
He’s a great man and good fighter
As the first person Judopete explained to me main wrestling holds and moves in an easy way, and we worked out it together.
Hope we can meet again



Ringo jest polecany przez Merseywrestle

Met Ringo tonight when he came to mine for a wrestle. A big guy who is strong and keen to improve his wrestling.

We went through moves, chatted about how he can improve and about going to a meet at Pippa's and had a sweaty grapple.

He is a nice guy fellas, so lets welcome him more into the fold and get him on the mats.



Merseywrestle jest polecany przez Ringo

We had a great afternoon together.
Tony is a gentleman who invited me to wrestle together,
Before our fight, I was afraid if I’m good enough for so experienced guy like Tony. And I was right. Tony is really good wrestler who can face the best wrestlers. On the other hand, he is safe, sane and best coach.
We have a great talk after our fights.
Love to face him again



Ringo jest polecany przez chubbyjudo

Had a really nice time with this guy a real gent very friendly and great company off the mat. We will meeting up again to wrestle



chubbyjudo jest polecany przez Ringo

I was completely surprised how professional in judo fights Chubbyjudo is. Chubby prepared mattroom perfectly and safe for our meeting. Definitely, want to try judo with this special guy again and wear judo suit for sweat bout. Merry Christmas mate and May the force be with you :-)



Ringo jest polecany przez chorleywrestler

Had a good wrestling bout with ringo, he is very strong, a gentleman to talk to before and after wrestling



chorleywrestler jest polecany przez Ringo

Nice, friendly, gentelman and good looking guy.
Chorleywrestler is good skilled wrestler with good pro skills . Really enjoyed our match. He is safe and good prepaired for wrestling bouts.
We played in perfect for wrestling prepaired room what is not usual. Hope we can meet again. Definitely recomended !



Ringo jest polecany przez tenispt

Met Ringo for a bout, very easy to arrange. He is a strong and massively built fighter and we had loads of fun testing each other's strength and ending up equally matched. Definitely recommend him.



tenispt jest polecany przez Ringo

It was pleasure to fight and test our levels. Tenispt is a nice guy, strong built, impressive wrestler with a great technic.