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Looking for guys who aren't afraid to work up a good sweat. Can host or travel.



  1. Stany Zjednoczone - North Carolina, Clemmons
    Place of residence
  2. Stany Zjednoczone - Tennessee, Pigeon Forge
    (Jestem tutaj od 2018-11-14 do 2018-11-16)
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Wiek: 53-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 178 cm, 85 kg

Języki: angielski

Ubiór: Singlet, squarecut, speedo

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bjames65 jest polecany przez JasonRay

The “Head Lock King”. He can put you in one, but you cannot him. Had a fun, sweaty good time! He is great for those looking for first match. He was mine.
Who is next? LOL!
P.S. except for those headlocks, I was victor.



JasonRay jest polecany przez bjames65

WOW! Met up with Jason Ray for a match today. The first thing I have to say is that his pictures don't do him justice. He is much more muscular and handsome than his pics would suggest. (I was expecting a geeky kid, but no, he is all man!) Our match was short but competitive. We were both sweaty by the end (me more so than him). He is powerful but kept his strength under control so that nobody got hurt and we both had fun.I came out on top today, (he will no doubt dispute this) but after he gets a few more matches under his belt, he will definitely be a force to recon with. I look forward to many more matches in the future.

No Jason... you were tapping like Fred Astaire! I was the victor!~



meturmatchoh jest polecany przez bjames65

Met up with Meturmatchoh in Pigeon Forge. He is an absolutely awesome guy to hang out with. While our match was brief due to limited space, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have some fun on the mats!



Carolina Man jest polecany przez bjames65

Round 2 - 10/11/18 - Still a fun guy to wrestle. He's gotten stronger since our last meet and really looks great in a singlet! Did submission first where we tied 1-1 then some pro... He likes to job!

Fun guy to wrestle. He can take a lot of punishment!



bjames65 jest polecany przez SeattleFight

This guy made the effort to come meet me where I was visiting because we had tried to meet up before but hadn't quite connected. We definitely did this time. I didn't have long so we didn't waste any time. So fun locking up with BJ - same height so the bearhugs were perfect. He's a really very nice and good guy (you can tell that in the first five seconds) with enough of a devilish glint in his eye. He decided to taunt me so I worked him over a bit more. Such a fun guy and match. I highly recommend meeting up with BJames. I enjoyed it and know you will!



SeattleFight jest polecany przez bjames65

After reading the recommendations on his profile, I felt like I was going to be outgunned going into our match, and I was right. SeattleFight is a tough guy and he let me know he was in charge right from the beginning. Well, at least that's the way HE thinks it happened. He still hits like a girl!

Overall, it was a fun battle, and even though I came out on the losing end when it comes to submission count, I still feel like a winner for having faced the challenge. I would do it again anytime! Who knows, the outcome may be different next time! If you get to fight him, go for it!



Jester12 jest polecany przez bjames65

After chatting with Jester for several weeks, I finally talked him into taking a trip to Winston-Salem to hit the mats. When he stepped out of his car, my jaw dropped at the sight of this handsome young stud. Big biceps and broad shoulders are my weakness and he has both.

As he removed his shirt revealing his chiseled pecs and neatly trimmed chest hair, I was once again in awe. The guy looks fantastic, but I mused " Is it all gym muscle or can the man wrestle?"

Well, the answer to that is HELL YES! The man knows his way around the mats and thoroughly embarrassed me in the wrestling arena. But he was so much fun to wrestle. While I have no formal training, my years of wrestling have taught me many moves, but no matter what I threw at him, he was always able to counter.

While a real competitor on the mats, he is a really nice, intelligent guy. I'm hoping I will have the opportunity to wrestle him again as it was such a pleasure both on and off the mats. If you have an opportunity to wrestle the Jester, YOU would be the fool to pass on the opportunity!



bjames65 jest polecany przez jrg1199

Very laid back and easy to both get along with and work with. Was a fun meeting. Met him on a work trip, many times I wished I had the chance to pass through the area to meet him again.



jrg1199 jest polecany przez bjames65

Met this stud several years ago when he was in town on business. Had an excellent pro match. He's an excellent jobber who introduced me to my inner heel! Overall great guy!! Don't pass up a chance to wrestle him!



bjames65 jest polecany przez Tiger

Strong reliable and fun guy to wrestle. Has some powerful holds and extremely strong. Easy going and friendly. would take him on again.



Tiger jest polecany przez bjames65

02/04/2018 - Had a 2nd meeting with Tiger today. He's still a great guy to wrestle. This time he even took the time to show me a few boxing basics, so that if I find someone to glove up with, I should be able to prevent it from being a total ass beating.

06/07/2016 - Met up with Tiger for a match today an I'm sure glad I did! He is a skilled opponent and an great guy! He's respectful of his opponents and abides by any limits or restrictions set forth. A truly first class guy who receives my highest recommendation!



DCabspunch jest polecany przez bjames65

Met up with DCabspunch and all I can say is WOW! Not only can he throw a punch, he can also take a punishment that would make a lesser man crumble. He is a great guy, fun wrestler, an I am honored to now call him a friend.

After our match, we went to dinner where he proved to be an excellent conversationalist, both intelligent and classy. Anyone would be a fool to pass up an opportunity to spend time with my new friend! Take him on or you will have to answer to me!



bjames65 jest polecany przez MaskedManNC

Bobby and I have grappled several times now, he is a skilled and aggressive opponent. Lots of give and take holds and overall great workout on mats. Have the weight advantage over him, otherwise I'd be serious trouble. He has bested me on several occasions and recommend him highly to other grapplers. Good friend off mat too, great host and great conversationist. Want a great match, call Bobby!



MaskedManNC jest polecany przez bjames65

I have wrestled this masked man several times. It is always a back an forth battle with various levels of intensity. I have to admit that in this latest match, he got the best of me! But one day I vow to remove his mask and learn his true identity!

Who is that masked man?

Fun in disguise!



bjames65 jest polecany przez sollync

Had a fun time with bjames65 who is strong as an ox. Only problem was that the match wasn't nearly long enough. Here's hoping the rematch lasts longer and goes more my way. A pleasure to spend time with on the mat and to hang with after.



sollync jest polecany przez bjames65

01/20/2018 - Just had the first re-match with Solly! We wrestled for 3+ hours in a match that was much more competitive than the first. Solly is much more muscled than the first time and he's definitely picked up some new tricks! He's still a great guy that I am proud to call my friend.I would wrestle him every week if I could. Hopefully many more rematches will be in the works!

04/29/2017 - Sollync is a fierce opponent. Strong and handsome, a fine wrestler in every sense. Even better, he's one of the nice guys... the kind you can take home to meet the family. I give him my highest recommendation. I look forward to many matches together in the future!



ncwrestle jest polecany przez bjames65

I have wrestled NCWrestle many times over the years. Always fun and always challenging. Great guy to hang out with after a match too!



bjames65 jest polecany przez comegetsome

Bjames65 is a good wrestler and a great guy. It's worth going out of your way to have a match with him.



comegetsome jest polecany przez bjames65

Second meeting even better than the first. This stud is a brute when wrestling, but I like that!

Met this stud for a match back in February. Come prepared to wrestle! He is the real deal! He's also a great guy off the mats!



savageskot jest polecany przez bjames65

I have wanted to wrestle Savageskot for a very long time and the meeting was well worth the wait! SS is a great jobber and one helluva a handsome man! While he was the jobber in our match, I think he could have easily turned the tables on me and I would have been in real trouble. The guy is BUILT!

He is also an excellent jobber and once you find his weakness (yes, he does have one), he goes out like a light. In the meantime, he can take a lot of punishment and keeps coming back for more. I don't think he even broke a sweat while I was wringing wet...

He is also a very intelligent and sociable guy. I am just grateful I got the chance to finally meet this sexy stud!

Update - In our rematch, SS was a little more aggressive which I actually like. But just like Achilles, I found his weakness! Great match and I look forward to our next meeting!



bjames65 jest polecany przez atlantawrestles

bjames and I have met a couple of times when I have visited NC. I wish he lived in Atlanta, so we could wrestle more often! In fact, I look forward to going to NC, so he and I can pin each other. He's big and strong and great fun to wrestle...the perfect match. If you want a safe and sane sweaty struggle, he's your guy.



atlantawrestles jest polecany przez bjames65

I have met Atlantawrestles a couple of times as he was visiting my town for conferences. He's a nice guy, very strong, and lots of fun to wrestle. He's lean and fit. The muscle is solid! Wish I could say I manhandled him, but it was really the other way around. I managed to get him to tap a couple of times, but overall, he dominated. Just wait until next year! Payback will be hell!



bjames65 jest polecany przez DenverWrestler

Bobby was far too kind in his recommendation for me. I had to work hard to get every one of my submissions, and he's better at pro than me and paid me back quite thoroughly with a number of mean pro submission holds. He's a great guy to know and wrestle, and I think his furry beefy body is very hot. It was very easy to arrange a match with him, and he's a genuine nice guy whom I hope to have as a long-term friend.



DenverWrestler jest polecany przez bjames65

Met up with this powerhouse today. Yes, I was totally owned by him on the wrestling mats, but I did find his Achilles heel. Let's just say that my beating would have been far worse if not for that. The man is a beast, though a very handsome beast. But more than that, he is a really nice guy and I appreciate him working me into his wrestling tour as a last minute addition. I definitely enjoyed the workout, and I think he did too!

He owned me in submission as all I could do was "try" to defend. He did let me put him in a few pro moves which was a nice bit of payback! A 10+ on the recommendation!



riotgear jest polecany przez bjames65

Riotgear is a stick of dynamite! The kid packs a powerful punch and can take an inordinate amount of punishment. I'm sure I will be sore for days after our meeting. He far surpassed my expectations based on the fact that I had a 60lb weight advantage. This allowed me to toss him around a bit, but he kept coming back for more. He is a self proclaimed pain pig and I was happy to push his limits, though I don't think I really found them. My highest recommendation to this handsome, intelligent fighter!



asausc63 jest polecany przez bjames65

Have wrestled Asa a couple of times and it has been a fun match each time. Definitely due for a re-match, so be ready!



Keith DC jest polecany przez bjames65

I've wrestled Keith a couple of times before he moved to DC. He's load of fun to wrestle and a super nice guy!



armrassler jest polecany przez bjames65

After years of talking, I finally got the opportunity to wrestle Armrassler in Greensboro, NC. I had a height and weight advantage on him, but he is one tough fighter and easily countered everything I could throw at him. After wrestling, we went out to dinner and I discovered not only is he an awesome wrestler, he is an awesome guy! The world needs more guys like him!



bjames65 jest polecany przez LehighPA

Good guy and a lot of fun. Highly recommend!



LehighPA jest polecany przez bjames65

Though it has been many years since we wrestled, LehighPA has always been one of my favorite opponents. Wrestle him if you get the chance! You won't be disappointed.



bjames65 jest polecany przez 305Fighter

Great guy and awesome wrestler. Handsome guy with skill and strength to back it all up. If you are ever in the Winston Salem area you are missing out if you don't set up a match with hIm!



305Fighter jest polecany przez bjames65

Had a chance to wrestle 305 when he visited the area for work. I was surprised at the strength of this young stud. He's a good fighter but an even better guy. If you get a chance to wrestle him, go for it! You won't be disappointed!



Manswell jest polecany przez bjames65

Nice tough guy. Would gladly set up another match with this stud.



ruffhouse30 jest polecany przez bjames65

I met Ruffhouse 30 on a recent trip to VA. He's a nice young man an a gracious host. Two thumbs up! If you get a chance to wrestle him, you won't be disappointed.



bjames65 jest polecany przez twisterman

Had a blast with this guy, hope to meet again!



twisterman jest polecany przez bjames65

Had a great match with this young hunk! Great guy on and off the mats. Hope to wrestle again very soon!



bjames65 jest polecany przez salemathlete

Normally don't take on bigger guys, but took a chance and glad I did. Great guy on and off the mats. Worked up a good sweat. Look forward to the next match and pulling out the mma gloves.



salemathlete jest polecany przez bjames65

Don't underestimate this stud. When it's time to wrestle he's a total handful. I had a 25lb+ weight advantage, but that didn't seem to be a problem. Off the mats, he's a really nice guy. On the mats, a total stud. If you get the chance to meet him, go for it. But be prepared for a fight!



NCgrappler jest polecany przez bjames65

It's been a while since we wrestled, but BJJgrappler is a nice guy off the mats, but all business when on! If you get a chance to lock up with him, it's well worth the time!



bjames65 jest polecany przez bobster

I want to recommend Bob for any one who enjoys wrestling. If you want wrestle a man with no hidden agenda and a fantastic attitude THIS IS YOUR MAN. Take all opportunities you can to meet and wrestle him.



bobster jest polecany przez bjames65

Bob and I have wrestled many times! He's a great guy and a great host. Always enjoy the meets at his house!



bjames65 jest polecany przez USA Jeff

Great guy - strong, fun to wrestle, and a great sense of humor. I can't recommend him highly enough. Wish he lived closer to me so I could see him more often.



USA Jeff jest polecany przez bjames65

Jeff is a fun guy to wrestle. I would wrestle him every day if I could.



bjames65 jest polecany przez DarkGnH

Great opponent, lots of heart and fun, great guy over all.



DarkGnH jest polecany przez bjames65

Strong as a bull and more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Great match with this guy!