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Like pro wrestling, give and take, and practicing pro holds.
Especially like back breakers - bostons, camels, OTK, hangman, racks, over the shoulder, surf boards and sleepers etc. Prefer to wrestle naked but also wrestle in trunks, boots and knee pads. Have mats to wrestle on.
If you like a fun friendly horny wrestle then I'm your man.
Also love a good gut punching session either giving or receiving.
If you have a crabladder or hairy belly then step to the front of the queue. lol.



  1. Wielka Brytania, Cannock
    (Jestem tutaj od 2018-06-30)
    Sitges Barcelona
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Wiek: 67-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 173 cm, 70 kg

Języki: angielski

Ubiór: trunks, briefs, nude

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
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crabladder jest polecany przez Steeleyes1

Have been hosted by Crabbladder twice at his place and had a long and sweaty session.A very welcoming host and a strong and willing teacher



crabladder jest polecany przez KRyder33

Very courteous and friendly host, had a good chat before the match, after and during breaks. Great knowledge of holds and wrestling skills. Worth making the journey, highly recommend.



KRyder33 jest polecany przez crabladder

I/11/2018 Had a great wrestle session with KRyder today. Thanks for making the journey here. Had lots of fun and laughs throughout the session. Managed to find his 3 weaknesses lol. Would highly recommend him for a meet. Cheers mate.



crabladder jest polecany przez TARZAN

Had a great match with crabladder today. Crabladder is a friendly guy, witty & funny & a great host! Our match was a safe & sane semi-comp wrestling session. Crabladder is an experienced wrestler with great strength & technique, very determined & in great shape! Recommended! (November 2013).

Met crabladder again today for another great match, wrestled crabladder as TARZAN! in wig and loin thong although the thong soon came unravelled so we both ended up wrestling nude. Crabladder is super fit and dedicated to fitness and exercise. Highly recommended!

Had a great two on one wrestling match yesterday with crabladder and walsallgoodguy, crabladder and walsallgoodguy versus me! Match started with me in TARZAN! wig and red thong underneath my black tights with restraints on my wrists and ankles. Crabladder and Walsallgoodguy proceeded to work me over while I was restrained, managed to break free and wrestle them both with one in a headlock and one in head scissors! Lots of hard belly punching and nipple play. Stripped down to my red thong and continued my battle. At various times during the match I was restrained at the wrists and ankles again. Eventually ended up nude restrained at wrists and ankles but also collared. Some nude wrestling too. Fulfilled all my 'captured slave' fantasies, loved the intense but safe and sane wrestling with these two great guys!

Another great wrestle with crab ladder yesterday. After wrestling crab ladder, crab ladder left TARZAN! restrained, collared and blindfolded for 40 minutes while he collected walsallgoodguy who was interested in 'buying' TARZAN! from crab ladder but demanded a demonstration of TARZAN's wrestling prowess before purchasing the goods! Walsall and Crab gave TARZAN! a good working over with plenty of belly and though slaps as TARZAN! struggled free from his blindfold, collar and restraints to escape his captors in a savage battle! TARZAN's loin thong soon unravelled so he fought his opponents nude who restrained and collared him at very times so that he was at their mercy and their wrestling disposal! Recommended!

Had a great session with Crabladder again yesterday, our first session in 2 1/2 years or so! The session began with T A R Z A N ! flexing and posing and exercising. Crabladder entered the room and I pretended that I couldn't see or hear him, I could hear what he was saying about how he was going to take T A R Z A N ! prisoner! I was blindfolded and my wrists were restrained behind my back and I was collared to me. Only when Crabladder started to wrestle did T A R Z A N ! fight back. If Crabladder's hand went across my mouth, T A R Z A N ! became 'unconscious' again but once the hand was off T A R Z A N ! was awake and wrestling.



TARZAN jest polecany przez crabladder

Had a great wrestle session with Tarzan today. Very determined, safe and sane and has a good physique. Ideal opponent for me as he is lighter than me lol. Also enjoyed some nude wrestling as well.
A very pleasant and interesting guy on and off the mats. Highly recommended. Looking forward to our next meet.



crabladder jest polecany przez northfighter

I had a great meet with Derek at his home. Lots of gut punching with and without boxing gloves. Subs and pro style wrestling. He has a great body, and is a thoroughly nice guy. Highly recommended.



northfighter jest polecany przez crabladder

Saturday May 26 2018.
Really appreciated Jamie coming down to the Midlands by train. Had a great few hours wrestling, boxing and gut punching.
Definitely have the same interests which resulted in a very enjoyable horny session especially the naked finale.
A really nice and interesting guy to talk to as well.
Hope we will meet again soon.



crabladder jest polecany przez tifmo

Met with crabladder today for the first time. This was my first meet from the site and I am very glad I did. As I am new to this , he showed me some great moves that I will practice. Lovely guy to talk to , I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone and hope that we can meet again soon



tifmo jest polecany przez crabladder

20/04/18 - at short notice tifmo made the journey here for some pro wrestling tuition. Had a great time practicing various pro holds on each other. Ended with a great oil wrestle.
Off the mats what a pleasant and interesting guy to talk to. Hope this is the first of many more meets to come. Highly recommended.



crabladder jest polecany przez SuppleWrestler

I have had an excellent trading holds wrestle with crabladder today.He is a safe,sane and delightful guy to wrestle with.We did stop for coffee breaks and had some interesting chats,we also watched a few WOS wrestling matches.
After our initial meet today we realised that we had met previously several years ago at one of the Alveston wrestling meets.
I hope we can meet again later this summer.
100 % recommendation.



SuppleWrestler jest polecany przez crabladder

4th April 2018 - Had an hours drive to supplewrestlers home and was not disappointed.
On arrival we both realised we had met several years ago at grapevine meets.
We had 6 hours of trading many wrestling holds, chat and watching some classic WOS bouts.
We exchanged many holds but favoured plenty of single leg and full boston crabs.
We both enjoyed testing each others pain thresholds.
I'm very much looking forward to meeting again either in May or June.
Thanks again for a very enjoyable encounter.
If you like bostons then supplewrestler is your man.
Highly recommended.



crabladder jest polecany przez Donkboy

What a great bloke. He was kind, courteous and hospitable. Offered drinks and food. Showed me moves that a novice like me doesn't know. Looks great in gear. What a genuine guy that I thoroughly recommend. Had a good few rounds in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Thanks so much.



Donkboy jest polecany przez crabladder

Had the pleasure of wrestling Donkboy today Aug 14. Although a relative newcomer he showed a good interest in learning various holds. With more practice he will be very good. Also enjoyed the jockstrap and oil wrestle. Off the mats a very pleasant chap to talk to. Give him a chance and you won't be disappointed.



matworker jest polecany przez crabladder

24/6/17 - met Dave at Geordies weekend wrestle meet. I had met Dave a few years ago in a group meet and always remember having a fun wrestle with him. And nothing has changed there. Although Dave is a lot lighter now which makes it more easy to heel this jovial jobber. A pleasure to chat to off the mats. Highly recommended and can't wait to work him over again soon.



crabladder jest polecany przez geordie

I spent the weekend at Derek's and had a fantastic time. We had some really
good sessions. Derek is a very good wrestler and knows many holds.He was able to come down to my level and also showed me some holds. We were able to have a great time socializing afterwards.. I am looking forward to round 2 with Derek. I would recommend him to anybody
cheers Tony



geordie jest polecany przez crabladder

The second time of meeting Tony on 24/6/17. Had the pleasure of staying the weekend with Tony. Enjoyed wrestling and even though he is slightly handicapped he has very strong arms and we had many even grapples. A great host who I can highly recommend.



crabladder jest polecany przez Fitbloke

Smashing chap!
With a great set-up.
A bit of a size mismatch, but he fought well.
Roleplay - he was the badguy... I figured I'd just throw him off and overpower him if I needed to. Which I did ;-)
Will meet again. I'll play the badguy next time!



Fitbloke jest polecany przez crabladder

Met fitbloke today Feb 14 2017.
6 foot 2 of muscle WOW.
Had a great wrestle and some gut punching.
Very strong and great biceps.
Despite the weight advantage I think I managed sometimes to keep this hunk of a man under control. (but not that often).
Off the mats a very nice bloke.
Looking forward to our next meet when I hope to have put more muscle on to cope with this good looking hunk of man.



crabladder jest polecany przez Tempus Fugit

Spent a very pleasant evening recently meeting Derek - was only my 2nd match after some time away from the mats. Derek was an excellent teacher - reminding me of holds I'd forgotten, and we had a longish session of give and take, in between chatting about and watching WOS DVDs. Derek is a real gentleman, with a wicked sense of humour, and looks great in speedos or naked! Thoroughly enjoyed our meet and wish we'd met earlier. I'm sure we'll meet again soon; can't recommend him highly enough.



Tempus Fugit jest polecany przez crabladder

23/08/16 - I had the pleasure of meeting and wrestling Rich this evening. Although he had not done much wrestling recently we had a fairly evenly matched bout. It was a great evening of wrestling, watching dvd's and chatting about WOS wrestling of our youth. A very charming guy and very interesting to chat to. Living very locally to me I'm hoping this was the first of many more bouts to come. Highly recommended.



crabladder jest polecany przez kingj

Met with Derek on the last day of March 2016 and what a great day that was! He is the perfect host and I felt I could relate to him on many levels from the outset.. He has a great set up for wrestling, and had.a wrestling dvd playing to create a good atmosphere. Lots of great give and take with an oil wrestle to complete the afternoon. Where did time go? Hope this will have been the first of many meets and cannot recommend him highly enough.



kingj jest polecany przez crabladder

31/03/2016 - Jon made the long journey to the Midlands and we had a very enjoyable wrestle. Evenly matched so was a perfect opponent for me. Also finished with an oil wrestle.
Off the mats a very pleasant and interesting guy. Highly recommended.



crabladder jest polecany przez Torrnado

Do not be taken in by this guy's stunning good looks and easy going nature, he is a formidable opponent both in the ring and on the mats! I thoroughly enjoyed my 1 on 1 with this toned, fit guy in Pippas mat room which followed an exhausting tag match with his team mate Walsallgoodguy vs Robroy and myself. The fact that he is such a nice guy off the mats is icing on the cake. I recommend you meet him.



Torrnado jest polecany przez crabladder

29/03/2016 - met this guy at Pippas for an intense tag match . Me and walsallgoodguy v Torrnado and Robroy. We didn't really stand a chance against these 2 very experienced guys. Also enjoyed a 1 on 1 session with Steve. What can I say? Steve is very fit, strong. feisty and very hunky guy to wrestle and I also enjoyed wrestling a smaller and lighter guy than myself lol. I think I did manage a couple of subs eventually from Steve. Off the mats a lovely and interesting guy to spend time with. Looking forward to our next meet.



crabladder jest polecany przez robroyscotland

Met this fella at Pippas with Torrnado and Walsallgoodguy. Looks hot in gear. Is an enthusiastic wrestler who keeps smiling no matter what yu do with him. Great at pro (though I was in more of a submission mood that day) I Look forward to having a wild pro session with the Crab sometime soon. A lovely fella outside the ring. Highly recommended.



robroyscotland jest polecany przez crabladder

29/03/2016 - Had a great day wrestling at Pippas. Tagged with walsallgoodguy v Robroy and torrnado. This guy is a very strong and experienced wrestler and a very good submission wrestler. He got quite a few subs out of me lol. Off the mats a very pleasant guy to have a chat and drink with.. And definitely looking forward to our next meet , a pro and gut punch session. If you want to wrestle a strong heel then Rob is your man.
Highly recommended.



crabladder jest polecany przez Strongarmedhulk2015

Fun, fit and patient with teaching me moves. I usually get bored as not very technical here but he's great teacher and decent bloke



Strongarmedhulk2015 jest polecany przez crabladder

Had a good wrestle and gut punch session yesterday 29/10/15. Andy is a fit and very strong guy far too strong for me but despite that we had a good give and take session. With some more tuition he will be a very good wrestler.
Off the mats he is charming and very good company.
Oh and a great bod to boot and a very sexy guy to wrestle.
Don't miss a chance to meet this guy. You will not be disappointed.



crabladder jest polecany przez Lomandlad42

got the opportunity to wrestle Derek today and had a real blast with this fit, strong , fiesty fella. Had an excellent back and forth match, trading hold for hold. Cracking wrestler who knows his stuff and delivers some punishing back weakners.....his Boston crab is very effective 😜!!!! Excellent host and a really sociable guy, thanks for a great afternoon mate .....hope to wrestle you again soon :-)



Lomandlad42 jest polecany przez crabladder

Had a fantastic wrestle with Jay. A fairly intense session with plenty of subs from both of us. Jay is a great wrestler, great bod and very sexy. Can't wait for our next meet. Highly recommended.



crabladder jest polecany przez walsallgoodguy

I dont know why my recommendations of you have dissapeared but have wrestled you now quite a few times and you are the best there is and you have given me the chance to wrestle other guys thanks derek xx



walsallgoodguy jest polecany przez crabladder

Had the pleasure of meeting Roger yesterday and what a fantastic wrestle we had. He gave me the opportunity to heel him and I certainly gave him a good work over and was able to perform plenty of back breakers on him. He is no easy opponent and for his size has very strong arms and legs. A very pleasant guy off the mats and cant wait to wrestle him again.
Met Roger again 3/05/15 and had another great wrestle. Set the scene with masks leotards and boots. Even managed an over the shoulder backbreaker which was fantastic. Roger got 3 subs to my 2 so well done mate.



crabladder jest polecany przez Midlands guy

4th January. Had a great fun wrestle with Derek this afternoon. Was feeling a bit sore following a bad fall on some ice earlier in the week. Need not have worried as others have said he is an experienced safe and sane wrestler, came back feeling much better. Really hope we can do it again before too long. All the best my friend.



Midlands guy jest polecany przez crabladder

Had a really enjoyable wrestle with John this afternoon (04/01/15).
Watch out for those leg locks and camels.
Off the mats a very sociable guy.
Looking forward to our next regular meet. Cheers Mate.



crabladder jest polecany przez wristlock

I met Derek at Pippa's wrestling ring in Manchester, we had a great pro style wrestle swopping some WOS holds and escapes, he is a very friendly guy, if you are looking for someone to wrestle Derek is your man.
We also had a pleasant hour after, having a couple of beers and a good chat



wristlock jest polecany przez crabladder

Meet Derek at Pippas on Saturday Dec27 2014.
Enjoyed a great pro wrestle firstly practicing a set routine and then a give and take session. Makes a change to at last do some pro wrestling in the old WOS style.
Looking forward to meeting again soon.
Highly recommended for pro wrestling.



crabladder jest polecany przez oldscrapperderby

Had a real good long energetic match today, all safe and sane and great fun and he's a great host, highly recommended, but watch out for his body scissors! Can't wait for round 2, thanks mate.



oldscrapperderby jest polecany przez crabladder

Had a great wrestle with Den today (27/09/14). A charming guy both on and off the mats.Watch out for those arm bars lol.Looking forward to our next meet. Defo recommend him.



crabladder jest polecany przez JOHN1953




JOHN1953 jest polecany przez crabladder

Had a great wrestle with John. A very strong and skilled wrestler. A very nice guy on and off the mats. Highly recommended.



crabladder jest polecany przez reslograppler

Had a great time meeting Derek today - he's a good wrestler and a great host, had to work hard for my win especially as he has a lethal scissors hold!!! Looking forward to round 2 and maintaining my alpha position with this great guy!!! Well worth meeting but get behind me in the queue!!!!



reslograppler jest polecany przez crabladder

Met Gareth today and had a really good fun wrestle with him. He is stronger than he looks and we were evenly matched although he will say he got 2 subs to my one lol.
A hot guy to wrestle and a nice guy to chat to as well.
Definitely want to meet him again to show him who's boss.
If you get the chance to meet him you won't be disappointed.



crabladder jest polecany przez borderman

I met Derek yesterday. He is a real cool guy and very encouraging with a learner. I now have a bit more technique to practise at my next opportunity.
I am looking forward to another meet and would recomment Derek.



borderman jest polecany przez crabladder

Met John today and enjoyed wrestling him. Although a novice he is very strong for his size and weight. And with more training will defo get better.
A really nice guy to chat too as well. Would definitely recommend you meet him. Looking forward to our next meet.



crabladder jest polecany przez YORKIE

Had a great wrestle with Derek. He is a fit and experienced wrestler and it was a privilege to wrestle with him. He kindly allowed me to wrestle and practice with him and I experienced being on the receiving end of a body scissors amongst other holds for the first time, while he learned I have sharp elbows. My thanks to Sammy Scrapper for showing me that escape! Thank you Derek for a great first wrestle with you, your company and wit and I hope to meet, wrestle, and spend other evenings with you and your convivial conversation. Sx



YORKIE jest polecany przez crabladder

Had a good wrestle with Simon. Really enjoyed it. Watch out for his strong arms - he does a mean head lock. A really nice guy on and off the mats.
Looking forward to meeting him again in the New year.
Definite recommendation.



crabladder jest polecany przez Rick Royal

I had the pleasure of meeting,and,wrestling Derek yesterday.
What a fantastic man , and , a body to match !!
Brilliant host , and , so easy to chat to - loved every minute of my visit.
Derek wanted to try pro , and , we did so ..i was out pro'd by the guy.
Highly recommended , and , its proved to me that wrestlers get better with age !!
As a previous guy mentioned , Derek belies his years.
Had his profile , said , aged 45 yrs - i would still have believed that , after yesterdays meet.
Anyways , its back to the gym for me - need to !!!



Rick Royal jest polecany przez crabladder

Had a great fun and horny afternoon wrestle with Paul. My first pro bout and I was not dissappointed. He looked great in his trunks and boots. Also enjoyed the oil wrestle !!
A genuine nice guy and was a pleasure to wrestle him. Safe and sensible. Looking forward to our next meet at Pippas.
Highly recomended.



crabladder jest polecany przez maw1667

Great guy, relaxed no attitude wrestle, great fun guy



maw1667 jest polecany przez crabladder

Had a great fun wrestle with Marc today. He's a really nice guy on and off the mats. Watch out for those strong legs! Looking forward to our next meet. Highly recommended.



crabladder jest polecany przez CHAD99

I have met Derek twice now. He is a friendly reliable guy who knows some moves and is in good shape. Hope to meet again.



CHAD99 jest polecany przez crabladder

Enjoyed wrestling Steve for the second time. He is stronger than he looks and very enthusiastic. Watch out for his head locks and scissors. Give him a chance, you won't be disappointed. Looking forward to our next meet.



crabladder jest polecany przez marcobpool

Much has been written about Derek already (all true) it is difficult to add to the glowing tributes. All can say it was a 6* experience as far as I was concerned. You will go along way to find a more welcoming host;you will go a long waay to find a man who looks as good as Derek at his age...this man has the body a man 1/2 his years would be proud of: and you will go a long way to find a friendlier fun horny wrestle. Without doubt one of my most enjoyable times ever. If you enjoy watching wrestling dvd's thats an added bonus derek has an endless supply.



marcobpool jest polecany przez crabladder

Had a great couple of sessions with Chris. As well as being fun to wrestle he is a true gentleman and is a lot stronger than he thinks. Cannot recommend him highly enough. Give him a go, you won't regret it.



crabladder jest polecany przez Pitbull

Derek is a great guy to meet and wrestle enjoys to gutpunch and punish your back with holds. True gentleman and a great host. Will defo meet again.



Pitbull jest polecany przez crabladder

Wrestled Gaz over the weekend and was great fun. Submissions on both sides. Watch out for those head scissors, he has a mean pair of legs. Will defo meet again soon. Thanks Gaz.



crabladder jest polecany przez romanhero

Derek is a really great guy - the perfect host, friendly, very fit, extremely easy to get along with and someone who loves his wrestling. We wrestled in oil and despite the size difference, I had a great time. He is safe and sane and very adaptable to the needs of his opponent - one of my best ever wrestling experiences. Thanks a lot D - highly recommended ! I definitely hope to meet him again.



crabladder jest polecany przez matguy

A great guy to wrestle with and have a laugh afterwards. Introduced me to his gut-punching style, never thought I'd enjoy it, but I did! We both expanded our range of holds and take-downs, as well as wrestling vocabulary



matguy jest polecany przez crabladder

Paul came over yesterday and we had a great time wrestling.
Introduced him to a few pro holds and was surprised how much he enjoyed some mild gut punching.
A totally enjoyable experience.
Paul is a great guy, easy to get on with and good company on and off the mats.
Can't wait for our next meet hopefully at a mat room to experience wrestling in a ring.



crabladder jest polecany przez Funfightingneil

We met some months back now and had some real fun wrestling together. A reliable contact.



Funfightingneil jest polecany przez crabladder

Met Neil for the first time last summer. A super guy and a very good host.
He has plenty of space to wrestle and also tv to watch dvds.
We had a good horny wrestle !!
Looking forward to meeting him again.
Highly recommended.


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