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Hey there!

I've been training boxing for almost a year and now trying no gi jiu jitsu. I am still a novice in grappling but surely will train harder to be better. I am also into pro-wrestling. My favorite holds are cross-face, chicken wing, boston crab, bear hug.

I get to travel in asian countries... I hope to try more matches and learn from others as well.

Please send a message if you will be visiting Manila.



  1. Filipiny, Pasig
    Place of residence
  2. Stany Zjednoczone - Illinois, Chicago
    (Jestem tutaj od 2018-12-23 do 2019-01-03)
  3. Hongkong, 香港 Hong Kong
    (Jestem tutaj od 2018-11-30 do 2018-12-03)
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Wiek: 34-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 170 cm, 77 kg

Języki: angielski, tagalog

Ubiór: shorts, sando, shirtless, trunks

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greendude2002 jest polecany przez Alan2005sg

Dec 2018
After two years, greendude is no longer green. He is very powerful in his locks & holds. I had a very hard time escaping from him.
His has strong fists which gave me the gutpunch that I have long been waiting for. The punch was good & very near to my tolerance threshold. That was a good fight.
Good job!!

Nov 2016
Nice guy & strong. He is bigger in size & almost locked me into submission few times, but I managed to escape from all his locks. Giving him enough practice, he will have made me into submission easily.

Off the mat, he is a friendly guy & always care about his friends. One of the nicest guy I have met in Meetfighter



greendude2002 jest polecany przez Wrestlertoo

We met after two years of chatting here and greendude did not disappoint..... ..
This big guy toned down his game for me and we had a great time exchanging holds and switching roles.......he's good at that too!
A really good meet with a very nice guy. Catch him, if you are ever passing through Manila



Wrestlertoo jest polecany przez greendude2002

Jon visited me in manila last Feb and after years of chatting, we finally met. He gave me a fun match where we took turns to apply submission holds. It was so much fun. Thanks bud for the visit and I hope to see you in Uk someday



greendude2002 jest polecany przez CodyW

greendude2002 was very accommodating in scheduling a last minute match as I was passing through Manila. He was quick to respond to my communications and one of the friendliest guys I have meet on this site. He is also pretty strong and kicked my ass as I was only able to get a single submission out of him. Had a great time hanging out with him over a beer after the match.



CodyW jest polecany przez greendude2002

CodyW was a great opponent. He accommodated our meet up and we wrestled for almost 2 hours. I was able to apply some holds to him and he was able to apply some as well. He is safe and very friendly. See you soon!



muscldfighter jest polecany przez greendude2002

He was bigger and experienced yet he adjusted to me ..most especially i just came from an illness. A great fighter.



greendude2002 jest polecany przez jobber r

nice guy all around. communicative and reliable. it was my first match in a loooonng time so it's like having to relearn everything again, but greendude still put me through the paces. accommodating after the match and had a good chat afterward.



greendude2002 jest polecany przez FighterGuyy

Thank you for traveling to Budapest to meet me and wrestling me even though I was injured at the time and couldn't really accomplish everything we set out to do. Also appreciate that you took care not to make my existing injury any worse. You were a true gentleman!

I would be happy to meet and wrestle you again, hopefully when we are both at full capacity ;)



FighterGuyy jest polecany przez greendude2002

FighterGuyy is not only a great wrestler but also a fantastic guy. He did awesome moves which I rarely experience from others and he makes sure that the fight is safe and fun.

Outside the mat, he is so friendly and I can't thank him enough for touring me around Budapest. One day I will visit Budapest and I hope to meet him again. Thanks for everything.



munichsubfight jest polecany przez greendude2002

Great guy on and off the mats. He and his friend taught me some basic stuff before we rolled. He is very safe and does not want to injure his opponent. Can't wait to learn more from this guy. Thanks for all the help



greendude2002 jest polecany przez ulx1

It was easy to arrange, he was reliable and on time.
Even if space was very limited our casual match was a good and sweaty fun. Looking forward to meet again, better at a bigger place next time.



ulx1 jest polecany przez greendude2002

Despite the size of the room (which is really small) he managed to find ways for us to grapple a bit. We did give and take, his bearhug is very powerful. I hope we can meet someday and have more space for a better roll. I recommend him 100%. Thanks again bud for the time



greendude2002 jest polecany przez quadi1

Greendude2002 is a very friendly guy :) He put a lot effort to meet me and I appreciated it very much! He was stronger than expected so I had to work hard for my victory, although the result was so obvious in the end :)



quadi1 jest polecany przez greendude2002

Quadi1 was an awesome guy. He met me at the central station and helped me to find the hotel which where we tried our match. He challenged me to lift him and I did. During the match, we didn't have enough space and weight difference would show who won... Yeah he did.. I only got 1. Overall it was fun and challenging. We also did a great pro style fun. When you come to Hannover, contact him... He is such a great guy.



greendude2002 jest polecany przez celtwrestle

After gallantly following through his challenge to me via mf, we met for a few rounds. Despite being given a mauling the previous day by another HK wrestler, Greendude manned up for an enjoyable and sweaty match featuring give and take, pro and submission. Good bloke who can look forward to a thrilling grappling journey as he learns the art of wrestling.



celtwrestle jest polecany przez greendude2002

Celtwrestle was very very precise with time. He came to my hotel and taught me some pro moves well. He also gave me tips when I wrestle. He is such a good person. He defeated me fair and square but you will really have a great time doing matches with this guy.



greendude2002 jest polecany przez metuck12

Has some surprising strength which he used quite effectively early on. It seems that he has improved quite a bit recently. Good of him to look me up while on a wrestling holiday in Hong Kong. If he gets his cardio going he will be a good test for anyone and a very nice guy to chat with.



metuck12 jest polecany przez greendude2002

Metuck gave me a great pro wrestling match. The bet part, it was done inside a ring. He is a great heel and get fighter.

We also had a great chat about our work and I also got insights from him.

Don't miss to have a match with this guy. He is safe and he will really give you a good one.

Cheers metuck.



greendude2002 jest polecany przez tapout

Nice feller and fun to roll with (as I could apply all the moves I wanted *lol*)



tapout jest polecany przez greendude2002

I just had another match with this tough guy. It was nice of him to teach me some holds before doing the actual match. I really learned a lot from him and he made sure that every hold we do was safe. Thanks for teaching me the shrimp technique. Can't wait to be trained again.



greendude2002 jest polecany przez mectlse

I had an awesome time with Greendude! He is quite strong (even though I am stronger lol) and is not afraid to take on bigger opponents which is more than I can say about the other wrestlers in Malaysia or the Philippines! We had a multiple sub match and he did win one round! We had a very nice dinner afterwards and I really enjoyed his company! Greendude is a safe and reliable opponent. Don't hesitate to wrestle him, he'll give you a great match.



mectlse jest polecany przez greendude2002

This beast was really a tough opponent. He was very competitive during the match. I did win one round out of 9 or ten. He was too heavy for me but still made me have a great time.

This guy is very friendly outside the mats. We had a great talk. Try to wrestle this beast. He made sure that we were safe.

Till next time!



razorfish jest polecany przez greendude2002

Finally, after months of being chat buddies, we have done the match. Beware of this guy... even though he is tired from work... he is very energetic on the mat. We did around 7-8 rounds of submission wrestling... i just won 2. He is really a champ :) It was a pleasure of meeting you and also thank you for allowing me to experience wrestling inside a ring and for spending time to tour me around hk. See you soon buddy.