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Looking for pro fantasy type matches, love give and take and heel/jobber scenes. Also enjoy swapping holds. I'm open to pro cyber bouts as well.



  1. Stany Zjednoczone - Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
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  2. Stany Zjednoczone - Pennsylvania, Lebanon
    visit couple times a year
  3. Stany Zjednoczone - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
    Visit a few times a year
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Wiek: 54-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 185 cm, 102 kg

Ubiór: pro style gear, trunks, mask.

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reep jest polecany przez rasslin bodybuilder

Deep know his pro hokds and he can go back and forth well without breaking a sweat,, he has like most guys was surprised that i can endue a lot, if only we have a ring, we could have played out more but def i would want a rematch, recommended for anyone who wants to meet



rasslin bodybuilder jest polecany przez reep

Had a great match with Rasslin Bodybuilder. Great body with a lot of power. Could take a lot and I was able to bend him practically in half. He also was very knowledgeable in pro moves and offered up some good tips to fine tune my holds. Really enjoyed taking my time and working his body in hold after hold.



reep jest polecany przez CubanBeef

Finally got to meet Reep for a pro match. A blast!!! We met up in Miami Beach and we went at it. Super safe and sane pro fun. Knows his moves and a great guy off the mats! Thx Man!



CubanBeef jest polecany przez reep

Had a great pro fantasy style match with Cubanbeef. He's a lot of fun and knows his Pro wrestling. A great guy outside the ring as well. No surprises, just a lot of fun pro action.



reep jest polecany przez toughjobber1

Had a hot pro match with reep! He is a tough wrestler and a great heel. Knows how to use his extra height and weight to his advantage. Enjoyed every minute of being scissored, sleepered, and squashed! Hope to wrestle him again sometime in the future.



toughjobber1 jest polecany przez reep

Had a fun match with toughjobber, a great guy and even better looking in person. If you're a fan of scissors and smothering you can't go wrong with this stud.



reep jest polecany przez dcgrappler

Great pro enthusiast. Lots of fun on the mats and personable off the mats. Quite reliable, too. He arrived as scheduled, ready to roll. Highly recommend this wrestler for an energetic pro experience.



dcgrappler jest polecany przez reep

Had a great match with Dcgrappler, nice guy with a great knowledge of pro. Looking forward to a rematch!