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Operation result ofthe natureboy's blog

The procedure of May 10 has been reviewed and reported on by the specialist yesterday May 23 and he is very happy with the outcome.
I expect to be able to resume gym and resume wrestling in a little while once I have recovered some strength and am confident I would be able to offer my opponents a worthwhile challenge.
Thanks again to all the good wishes expressed here and in messages...
Darren 'the natureboy' Rix

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Manchesterhephaestion2014's blog

Not going into politics or anything like that but Manchester for me is the wrestling capital of the country. If I get on a train on the way to Manchester, I know I'm getting a match.

It's sort of like another home to me.

In the aftermath of an attack on it, with all that darkness and despairing of humanity - there's stories of kindness, compassion and empathy.

A hero isn't a guy who puts on Speedos and gets in the ring and destroys everyone. Not all heroes wear capes.

It's those in uniforms running towards a building that others run from, coming in on their day off to help. It's strangers offering others beds, chargers and of course, a cuppa.
It's taxi drivers and businesses offering services and help free of charge.

Manchester won't be beaten.

It may be knocked down temporarily, but like it's wrestlers, it won't lay down long.

It's up before you know it.

Manchester is strong.

I stand with Manchester as I remember all those who have lost their lives.

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HAPPY WORLD WRESTLING DAY! (MAY 23)Detective Mask's blog


On May 23, 1904, the first World Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship was held in Vienna, Austria. More than a century later, May 23 is now celebrated by many wrestlers around the world as World Wrestling Day.

It's actually the fourth year in which this event is being celebrated, and I'm proud to let Manga Pro-Wrestling join in this celebration. After all, pro-wrestling wouldn't be here without going back to its wrestling roots.

For this piece, I decided to draw an original Filipino freestyle wrestler character. Sure, I could've gone with a more popular anime character instead, but that would somewhat distract from what this day is supposed to be about: a celebration of wrestling. Also, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to promote Filipino amateur and freestyle wrestling. It's a sport that could really use a lot of love in this country.

I hope you enjoy this piece. And Happy World Wrestling Day everyone.


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Roundtwo2: Farewell to friends.Glasgow1971's blog

Because of the nature of this site and the fact a lot of us do this in secret, friends come and go and sometimes you never find out why.
So when someone you chat with on a daily basis, someone you've built up a friendship with over years, months whatever, stops logging on, what do you do?
So today I decided to text Roundtwo2 (Al) who I haven't heard from in almost a month, just a quick message, Hi, how's you? . The reply I got was from his partner saying that Al had sadly passed last week, I was shocked.
I'd just like to say thank-you to him for the help and advice on taking the next step in wrestling, but mostly I'd like to thank him for his friendship.

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Wrestling's Been So Good Lately -- and Is So AddictingSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle) blog

Or at least quite habituating. Used to think once every couple weeks or so was a decent amount; but lately with some action almost every week, even more often than that, I'm beginning to feel I really "need' (want) it to happen at least twice a week, in order to get the skill-building practice one needs to become a significantly better wrestler.

Have met lots of nice men recently – mostly men visiting from out of town. So it's probably a good time to remind local men in the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria metro area that you are more than welcome to come wrestle (also judo, mma, below-neck boxing) me; as it takes a strong local base of guys for both my skill-building and gaining wrestler friends goals. Can wrestle downstairs, or for those into doing it outside, the back yard. Getting a group together for oil wrestling outside could also be part of the action.

Check out what my profile says I am into, the recommendations to see what others think, and if there's something which interests you, feel free to contact me about arranging for an encounter

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A Shift in Mindset: Training for WrestlingWrestling and Domination

When I started working out in November, I had a fire to get going but very little direction. I knew the basics of a combined strength training/fat loss regimen and got started... and adjusted along the way as I read more about - and discovered through trial and error - what would work for me. And through luck or wit (more likely the former) and lots of determination, that worked for me for awhile.

As for motivation, there was this guy... and a nebulous idea that I might start wrestling. However, even as I saw progress and - with difficulty - got past a plateau, my workout intensity grew harder and harder to sustain, until the last few weeks. What changed was my mindset.

Before, I was "getting in shape," or "wanting to look good naked" or just "trying to be healthier." Those are all fine goals, if a bit nebulous, but none of them really translate directly into an idea of what I should be doing. Now, however, as I'm wrestling several times a week and ever more focused on getting better... I am actually starting to look at myself as an athlete (though expresing the idea still gives me a chuckle) and training for wrestling.

And that shift in mindset around my workouts has made a big difference. The intensity is back. I am starting to notice feedback loops of what I need to work on/work more on, etc. For example, I have added loads of variance into the way I run and added footwork drills to almost everything I do because I find myself lacking speed when shooting for takedowns.

Training to feel good meant more upper body focus because of more readily apparent improvement, etc.... but training for wrestling means never skipping leg day again! Lol...

I still know way less than I'd like to... and the best workout is still a nice long wrestling session with a challenging opponent. But I am grateful to wrestling for my renewed focus during other exercise... and to fellow wrestlers for advice, tips, and of course sparring.

So please, let me know in the comments if you have favorite wrestling drills or exercises that you've found especially helpful in conditioning oneself for the sport... I'm eager to keep learning and keep training!

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Operationthe natureboy's blog

I had the procedure May 10 and will know the outcome May 23.
If it is OK I hope to resume wrestling sometime in June or early July.
My travel plans for trip to South East Queensland fell thru with changes at work which were followed immediately by the operation but I am still hoping to travel there and to New Zealand in [our] Spring.
Thanks to all friends on site for support and good wishes....
Keep strong

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Bending fully down!alpinisto's blog

I had successfully followed the idea of wrestling every calendar month throughout the winter, but after I in March had been wrestling every month since October this aim had been reached, I started to think: why stop here? For it seemed that wrestling not only was good for my body, but I also had had some good experiences with wrestling, so maybe the next aim should be to work for a full year of wrestling. Which should be quite easy, for I had now wrestled every month since July - and actually I could have had the full year done now, for I had wrestled every month since April last year - if it hadn't been because of the strikes in Paris which had forced me to cancel that trip in June last year.

A good help for reaching this aim had been my friendship with kleiner kerl in Berlin, for at his place I not only had a place to stay overnight, but he also had mats to wrestle on and several mates who could come by his place for a mutual wrestle, which I saw as a win-win-win situation. But in my eyes I shouldn't make too much use of his hospitality, I thought, and this May I could see that I would have severe trouble getting to wrestle at all that month, as all this traveling had put some stress on my finances. Again help arrived from a somewhat unexpected side.

A friend of mine had returned to Denmark for the summer and was getting ready to move into his summer house. And when I became invited to spend a few days there with him I saw this as a wrestling opportunity as I had wrestled him there a few times before in the past years. This guy Peter had in former years been working in London and there had attended a local wrestling club, but didn't really felt that he could fit in with the lads there. And after increasing back problems he had stopped wrestling there. Which also is the reason why he is not to be found on this site. But I could wrestle him as long as I didn't gave him too heavy bearhugs.

Yesterday morning we started wrestling, and I usually need some time to warm up - which we didn't do this time. So it didn't take long before he had me under his control in a grapewine. Maybe I should have tried to find a way out of the situation, but I generally prefer to tap instead of spending too much energy in fruitless attempts to move on - so I tapped.

The next rounds were better. In one I successfully had him headscissored with my legs and in another one I managed to do the 'schwitzkasten' hold which my Berlin friend kleiner kerl often used to defeat his opponents. But in the next round he made a counter-attack which I was not prepared for.

In order to keep the fight under control on the small size of the mattress I always start in the kneeling position, and this position has some advantage as I then hardly get any unexpected falls, but it also has disadvantages, which I soon was to learn. For when I was in the kneeling position my knees were locked in position on the mattress, so when Peter unexpectedly moved forward to bring me out of balance my body tumbled back, thus bending my knees fully. A jolt of pain sprang through my body, for my knees had not been bent like this since my youth, so this became a sudden end of our match.

After a few minutes relaxing on the mattress I could stretch out and conclude that it seemed that nothing seriously had happened, but I still had that dull pain in my right knee. It was somewhat similar to the January match I had had with Xxlbear in Berlin, with the exception that I then had been able to pull him with me so that he became the guy mostly affected by my fall. Maybe my knees had not been locked in a similar way then - and probably I should stop kneeling down before the start of a match and squat down instead. Which I also have been working on with the physio the recent month. Apparently a squat start is more safe than a kneeling start.

I will have two weeks to find out, for June will probably give me the most serious wrestling this year, for not only will I attend the international wrestling camp in Lindow in the Pentecost weekend, but also I plan to meet a guy called horti when I two weeks later am spending a week in Dresden. And this 300-pound guy will not be the heaviest guy I will encounter the next month - I better get my knees prepared before then!

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So long and thanks for all the fish!JobberLiam's blog

I have made the decision to call it a day with wrestling.

It has been an important part of my life for the last few years but I am now moving on to bigger challenges in my life, including my long term girlfriend Sophie.

I would like to thank everyone who has been so kind to me over the last few years and who have enjoyed my videos. I am sure they will still be around for a little while to come so enjoy them!

All the best,


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Beatdown pt 2 The return of he punching bagblackboxer's blog

Today started out crappy, but now I feel better because my punching bag is coming by to get wrecked for 3 rounds. First I am going to work his head over, next his body, then finally everything!! This is going to be epic!

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