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In June I had wrestled every calendar month through a whole year, but found no reason to stop here. I have the feeling that wrestling is good for my body and all the unexpected movements are better for the recuperation of my body after the 2013 stroke than the basic gym work, where you simply decide what weight to work with - and this weight doesn't change. But a wrestling opponent can change his pressure in a split second, which also is why I like to wrestle the heavier guys, for those have a larger scope.

I liked the sweaty outcome of a man-to-man wrestle, so of course I had also planned some wrestling in July. Although I had some doubt if this was going to be a real match. I had been challenged by a guy in Flensburg, and during our initial chat I got the feeling that I had chatted with him before. Two years earlier I had intended to wrestle another MeetFighter member in Flensburg, but a few days before I was to meet him he had silently disappeared from the site. I then never took the train to Flensburg, but chatting with this other (?) Flensburg guy I had a feeling that this maybe could happen again. So I wanted a confirmation from him that we actually were to meet before I booked the train ticket. And this confirmation never came.

At that time it was too close to the end of July to make some other arrangement in July, but then I could hope for August. Then I would meet my good friend kleiner kerl in Spandau, and with him I could be sure that I would get to wrestle. As always I tried to book some extra matches on both sides of the weekend, and another Berlin guy in Pankow could be a good choice, for I had wrestled him three times before. So we settled for a meeting at his place on Friday. But when I finally got there after a long subway ride and two bus rides he wasn't there and didn't reply to the text messages I sent him on my cellphone. And after having waited for an hour I returned to my friend in Spandau.

Saturday broke, and for that day we were to meet four other guys at another wrestler's place, one I had not wrestled before. But when we got there he had just fallen down the stairs in the early morning, so he wasn't fit for fight. And two of the other guys also failed to show up - but at least we were three guys who were ready to wrestle. Not the six I had hoped for, but better than the two previous match plans which had become naught.

I had not been wrestling for two months now and was expecting that I wouldn't be able to do much good in wrestling, but it seemed that my body had other ideas. It felt like my body had an urge to wrestle - or maybe it was just happy to wrestle an only 78 kilo opponent. I had wrestled kleiner kerl several times before, and I knew that with him it was going to be a close contact match because of his small size. Also he had told me that the only way he would be able to win over me was to get on top of me so he could get the overhand. In general I don't mind him getting on top of me, for this would then be a more even match for us. But he never got on top of me. I got him in a headlock, and with his attempt of breaking free I got him cornered up the wall of the room. It being impossible for him to move away or escape my hold he could see no way out and had to give in.

Then it was time for me to wrestle the other guy, catchbear1. I have always enjoyed to wrestle him, even though (or maybe because) he is 20 kilos heavier than me. I had always had the impression that he was a better wrestler than me, and with him I had often been challenged in different ways. This time he would put his full weight on top of me, and I should try to do my best to break free from under his heavy body. I was quite used to wrestle heavier guys, so it was a pretty fair match - though it didn't last so long. For during the intense fight I put a strain on my neck muscles, so this time it was my turn to give in. So in the rest of the session I had to leave the mats to kleiner kerl and catchbear1.

On Sunday we had no particular plans, but in the morning kleiner kerl had chatted with a new MeetFighter member and invited him to come over for a wrestle. And much to our surprise he showed up the same afternoon. This guy, berlinfunfighter, was younger that both of us and also heavier than both of us, so while I was content with his build and hoped that his younger agility could outmatch his less experience, kleiner kerl only had more experience. Hopefully it would be enough for him. They had a long fight, but in the end kleiner kerl had to give in again.

Then it was my turn to wrestle berlinfunfighter, and we soon went into a ground fight. Which normally is good for me to get to control my opponent. At least as long as I was on my left side, but when I was flipped to my right side I could clearly feel the strain in my neck from yesterday's match. Which was a quite unpleasant feeling, for although I knew what I should do I was unable to follow it through because of the pain in my neck. I was about to give in because of the hopelessness, but with my arm under my head I could limit the pain, and as long as I didn't have my shoulders in the mat I had not lost. Although in a real tournament I would have lost because of passivity. In this situation I could just remain on the side of my body and try not to be flipped over. Berlinfunfighter was heavier than me, but not much, and I had always been good in resist being flipped over. Even when having to keep my head in the relaxed position I resisted his numerous attempts of flipping me over, so in the end kleiner kerl decided our match unsettled.

I was supposed to have another match on Monday, but a few hours before we were to meet he sent me a message on MeetFighters that he no longer liked to wrestle me. I find it strange that so many wrestlers cancel planned wrestling matches. But I was happy that at least berlinfunfighter had followed our match though, particularly such short-noticed one. Also I knew that kleiner kerl and catchbear1 were always reliable, so I left Berlin with a few, but good matches. I felt happy that I could still have fun in wrestling and that I had not lost much in the previous months' wrestling inactivity. And I might get even more wrestling this month, for towards the end of the month I will fly to New Jersey in USA, and have already made plans to wrestle guys there. Hopefully at least some of them will be there and ready to wrestle!

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Squash Job Fiction: Will vs. Bad News BuckWrestling and Domination

This is a story I wrote awhile ago... Will as a character - the hot, plucky lightweight who enjoyed being punished, would take any challenge, but still hated losing - inspired me for awhile, and this is technically a prequel is of a backyard match from his high school years. (Most of my Will matches are from his freshman year in college and his participation in the "Domination Wrestling Alliance.") This has not been thoroughly edited recently, so sorry for any lapses in spelling, grammar, punctuation ... or quality. Just felt like sharing, Lol.

Hope at least a few enjoy it.... Cheers.

It was a small crowd that turned out for Backyard Killers Teen Wrestling's last event of the summer. Nobody was surprised, though, as the sky looked like it might open up at any time. Still, the event had trudged on through occasional drizzle and a general lack of enthusiasm. Part of it was that everyone knew this would likely be the last event not just of the summer, but of the fed. Most of its members had already moved away to college or other pursuits, and the last of the original team - whose brother had founded the fed and in whose back yard the ring was set up - was to fight his last match tonight.

After years as a jobber for his older brother's friends, Will had finally started winning and taken the championship after Zack went down to Fla. for college. Now, however, it was his turn to leave, and tonight he would either lose his belt or give it up. He wasn't sure he was sad to leave, either, since he didn't really like many of the fed's new members. Somebody - no one remembered who anymore - had brought a couple guys from the mobile home park who exemplified the stereotype of Trailer Trash. First, it was just one younger guy, Wade, who got on pretty well. But then at the next event there were like six of them, all way older than the mostly high school aged kids who had been in the fed. Of the new guys, the biggest one of all, and the worst redneck of the bunch, was Buck, or so he called himself anyway. He was Wade's cousin, and even though he was like thirty-two, he had demanded to wrestle and gotten in the kids' faces until they had little choice.

But none of the wrestlers wanted to take Buck on, since he was older, meaner and huger than anyone they'd ever fought in Will's backyard. So Will decided to make it his own last match. They agreed that it would not only be for Will's championship, but that whoever lost could never wrestle in BKTW again. Privately, when he spoke to Buck, the big man seemed pretty disinterested in how Will thought the match should go. After one of the newer managers said, "yo, man, you gonna do what we want or not?" Buck grabbed him and pressed him up against a wall.

"Bitch, I heard what little Willy there said!" He put the kid down and looked at Will. After spitting on the ground, he asked, "you ever wrestled shoot-style? "

"Uh, yeah, but that's not-"

"Well, don't you think it'd just be right, for yer last match, to genuinely win or genuinely lose?"

"Not really, I'd rather put on a good–"

"Aw, what? You afear'd?" Buck clucked at Will, and laughed.

"No, but this is how we do it." Will stared Buck down, and the big man seemed to give first.

He said, "alright, alright... whatever you say, kid..." and just walked away from them, chuckling.

Now, with the match quickly approaching and the biggest group of redneck-looking guys yet at ringside, Will was nervous. If Buck didn't go along with the plan and let him win in the end, the new guys would pretty much be taking over the fed. And he still had some friends in it who he didn't want to have to answer to Buck & Co. There was a lot riding on this.

After the next-to-last match ended and its wrestlers left the ring, the announcer called, "And Now, Our Main Event, for the BKTW Championship! The challenger, weighing over three hundred forty pounds, accompanied by his manager, Cousin Wade, here is BAD NEWS BUCK!" Buck walked out to the ring clad in overalls as it began drizzling again, the low boos of the younger wrestlers drowned out by his redneck buddies carrying on. The announcer, shrinking into a corner away from Buck and Wade as they feinted shots at him and the ref, continued. "And our current champion, coming in at just under a hundred and fifty pounds, please welcome, WILL!"

Will walked to the ring in his red singlet, with his championship belt draped over a shoulder. He handed the belt to someone at ringside, and pulled his singlet away from his skin. Will demanded that Wade leave the ring before he get in, and he did. But when the champ climbed onto the apron, Buck charged past the ref and pounded a meaty forearm down over his head. After another, Will grabbed the middle rope tight and drove his shoulder into Buck's big gut. Not much happened, but after a second, the big man doubled over a bit and shifted back. Will took his chance, climbing to and springing off the top rope into a cross-body block that took big Buck down to the mat. The bell rang as Will got up and waited for Buck to move. When the big man sat up, Will hit the ropes behind him and drop-kicked Buck squarely between his shoulders, snapping the big man forward hard enough for him to whip back to the canvas. Will had already hit the ropes again and then slammed a leg across the heavy's chest. Then the teen grabbed a leg and rolled his huge opponent up as tight as he could, but the ref only counted one before Buck shoved Will off of him. Buck began to get up, and as Will approached again he pounded a hard, closed fist into the kid's gut. Will doubled over, enabling Buck to grab him by the hair as he finally got back on his feet. The big man squeezed, ignoring the ref's count, as Will moaned and grabbed at the hand ripping hair out of his head. Then, on five, Buck used the handful of hair to toss Will in the ropes.

The champ rebounded and ducked under a clothesline, hit the ropes again and slid between Buck's legs as he tried to grab the kid and slam him to the mat. After hitting the ropes a third time, Will leapt into a drop-kick that sent Buck staggering back to the ropes. The teen was up fast and tried whipping Buck across the ring, but the big man reversed and as Will came bounding back from the ropes, he threw himself sideways through the air. Will couldn't possibly have got out of the big guy's way and got nailed in the chest by Buck's hip before crashing to the mat with the heavy on top of him. Buck sat up somewhat on Will's chest and used a leg of his singlet to pull up a leg. The ref slid in for the count, but just before three Will managed to roll just enough under Buck to get a shoulder up. So Buck slid off of Will and got to his feet. As Will sat up, Buck grabbed his hair again and yanked him to his feet. The kid drove an elbow into the heavy's side, but it didn't have nearly the effect of Buck using Will's hair to pull him into a wicked knee to his gut. Will doubled over again, but Buck yanked him right back upright and drove his knee in again. The teen drove another elbow in, but it seemed to have less impact than the first and he was soon doubled over once more by a fist driven deep into his belly by Buck. The big man planted Will's head between his thighs and began to lift him for a powerbomb.

Will, however, resisted, kicking his legs straight out and shaking to keep the heavy from lifting him up. The kid got his feet back on the mat once, and then Buck lifted again; Will kept kicking, but before he got back to the mat again, Buck dropped to his knees in a pedigree. Will was totally dazed as his face was driven to the canvas, followed by the big man's full weight. Buck rolled the teen over, sprawled across his chest and pressed both hands down on the teen's gut as the ref dropped to count a pin. 1, 2, ... No! Again, the intrepid champ managed to twist himself under Buck, torquing a shoulder up with monumental effort. Frustrated, the heavy drove a series of double axe handles into Will's gut before getting off of him. As Buck stood, Will curled up on the mat holding his gut, but then soon began climbing to his feet. The big man let Will get to his knees, but as the kid grabbed onto his overalls for support, Buck brought an elbow down hard on the top of Will's head, taking the champ back down to his hands and knees. Buck grabbed Will around the waist, lifted him up and then flung him towards a corner, where the teen's back slapped down onto the mat before he rolled into the ropes. Bad News made to follow, but the ref tried to hold him back. The big man was about to knock the ref aside and get to Will but then decided instead to argue, as from outside the ring, Cousin Wade grabbed the champ's head and pressed his neck down over the bottom rope. Will flailed as he choked on the ring rope, but it took almost fifteen seconds before the ref seemed to notice. But then Buck began a new attempt at getting to his opponent, and the ref turned back to him.

Wade let up on the choke, seeing the ref about to give in, but got in a few forearm smashes over Will's head before Buck walked back over. The big man grabbed Will by his hair again and dragged him out of the ropes and up to his feet. Then he grabbed the teen around the waist and lifted him into a bearhug. Will grunted as the heavy squeezed him tight, Buck's thick arms powering tighter and tighter around his waist. Will tried pushing against his opponent, but to no effect. Then he began trying to slide a hand down into the hold, but as soon as he did, Buck lurched forward, driving the boy's upper back into the top turnbuckle as he crushed him into a corner. When he pulled back, Buck re-tightened the bearhug and shook Will around a bit. The teen began to feel weak, as the ache in his back spread through his whole torso. Will would not let himself relax, though, and he began to slam his forearm into the big redneck's forehead. After two, Buck seemed a bit dazed, but as Will pulled back for a third the heavy plowed him into the corner again. Then, holding onto the bearhug for just a moment, Buck walked out from the corner, jumped and fell forward, releasing the bearhug as he slammed down onto the teen. Buck stood up, and shook his head free of the daze remaining from Will's forearms. Then, as the champ rolled over and began pushing up off of the mat, the heavy hit the ropes, springing back into a nasty elbow-drop, which slammed down on Will's back just as he got to his hands and knees. The teen screamed as he was driven back to the mat, and could do little as Buck straddled his back and wrapped a thick arm into a sleeper around Will's neck.

The ref checked to make sure it wasn't a choke, and seemed satisfied as he backed off a bit. Buck sat back, cranking Will's chest off the mat by the sleeper and stretching the kid's back as he sat down on his butt. The champ was suffering in the sleeper-camel, the pain of his back being stretched and Buck's weight grinding his crotch into the canvas battling the relaxation of the sleeper's imposed shallow breathing. The ref didn't know whether to ask for a submission or check for a k'o, and so did nothing at first, just watching as the popular champ was squeezed and stretched by the huge redneck. Finally, he decided he had to offer Will a way out, but the champ didn't - or couldn't - say anything. So, not seeing Will weakly trying to push up against the sleeper, the ref grabbed a wrist and lifted his arm. Both wrestlers lurched forward toward the ref as Will lost his balance, and as Buck pushed off to avoid hitting the mat face-first, he launched himself onto the ref. The 341 pound wreslter landed sprawled across the ref, a high school sophomore who weighed only 124 pounds, utterly winding the official, who rolled groggily toward the ropes as Buck got up. Seeing a chance for mischief, Buck motioned for Cousin Wade to climb onto the apron. He did, and after Buck lifted the teen and whipped him into a corner, Wade grabbed his arms and wrenched them back over the ropes into a double arm-bar. Will groaned, his shoulders stretched painfully as his vision filled with the terrifying sight of Buck bolting from the opposite corner. A moment later, the heavy slammed into Will, pulverizing the champ against the turnbuckles. When Buck moved, Wade let go of Will, who slumped down to hang by his elbows.

After looking to see the ref still lying motionless on the mat, Buck slammed a thigh across Will's chest and then told Wade to get into the ring. After the younger redneck Irish whipped his huge cousin into Will, the big man had Wade get the teen up onto his shoulders. Meanwhile, Buck stepped through the ropes and climbed the turnbuckles. A dazed and groggy Will sat helpess on Wade's shoulders, barely seeing Buck jump from the top rope before Wade slammed back and the heavy splashed across his chest with a cross-body block. Roused by the massive shock of the three wrestlers' weight on the mat, the ref began crawling over to count a pin, not even noticing Wade in the ring. 1, 2, No Again! Before three, the heel grabbed the champ's hair and yanked him up off the mat. Buck, too, knew that if he won this match the fed was basically his, and he intended to do more than win. He wanted to make an example of Will to any little squirt who thought they'd ever take him down. So, as the ref sat back against the ropes, Buck got to his feet and pulled Will along by his hair. Wade had slipped out of the ring during the pin count, and now as Buck tossed the champ into the ropes, Wade smacked the poor teen's back hard with the ring bell. Arching back, Will was sent sprawling to the mat face-down, coming to rest at Buck's feet. The ref, who had been getting up with the help of the ropes, had seen nothing. Buck bounced back in the ropes behind him and whipped out into a double-knee drop down on Will's back. The boy screamed, his back racked by the force of the heavy's shins slamming down on it.

When Buck got up, will tried to curl into a ball, but the big man used a foot to flatten him back out and then jumped onto his back again, crushing Will to the mat once more. The big man stayed on Will's back this time, and grabbed the teen's chin with one hand and a knee with the other, stretching Will brutally up under him. The ref moved in to see if Will would submit, but he obviously couldn't talk. And while the battered champ was in tons of pain under Buck, he refused to tap out. After a minute of stretching, Buck gave up on the hold and got up. Finally, Will was able to curl up and relax his back a bit, as Buck gloated for the crowd and took his time getting back to the champ. When Buck moved back in on Will, the teen rolled out of the ring and demanded a break. The ref again did his best to hold the huge wrestler back, giving all of his attention to Buck while Wade snuck up behind Will. The champ turned to see Wade a moment too late and received a hard clothesline that set him to his back on the ground. Cousin Wade yanked the champ right back up, though, and crotch-lifted him. Then, as the rednecks in the audience began whooping and hollering, Wade rammed Will's back into the nearest ringpole not once, nor three times, but five times before plopping the teen on the apron. Poor Will's back was in tatters, and he groaned with every move as he tried pulling himself back up with the ropes. Then, as Buck took off towards him, Will ducked, expecting a clothesline. Buck, however, flew into a dropkick, his booted feet slamming into the teen's head as he pulled it down, and sent Will flying back into the knees of the front row.

Unfortunately for Will, it was the wrong front row and as the ref again tried keeping Buck back, Wade pulled Will to his feet and into a front face-lock, exposing the teen's back to his two redneck buddies it had just fallen across. One of these, nearly as big as Buck, slammed a fist into Will's kidney area while the other drove his elbow right into the center of Will's back. Will felt like he wanted to pass out. His back was in agony; but, on the other hand, it almost seemed fitting for him be double- and triple-teamed out of the fed.... it reminded him of his jobber days before Zack moved away. Still, it hurt like hell, and he screamed as the big redneck punched him in the kidney area again, before Wade rolled him into the ring at the feet of the biggest hick of all. Will stopped rolling face-down and soon screamed again as Buck slammed his knees down onto the kid's back once more. The big man got right back up, though, and then hit the ropes. He ran clear across the ring, stomping a foot down on Will's back as he ran over him, and then rebounded back into a huge vertical splash, bringing his ass crashing down onto Will's back. When he got up again, the champ was like roadkill on the mat, lying motionless, face-down in the center of the ring. Buck used a foot to roll Will onto his back, and then pressed his boot down on the kid's chest for a pin. The ref dropped to count it, and it looked like Will was beat, but just before three the champ forced a shoulder up, refusing to lose to the cocky pin. Buck seemed happy though, even as he seemed to totally lose his balance after Will kicked out... and especially after he slammed down onto the referee again.

The huge wrestler's gut had driven the ref's forehead to the canvas before the rest of Buck squashed him, and this time the kid seemed fully out of it. Wade wasted no time in sliding back into the ring, where he helped his cousin to his feet and together they looked down at Will trying yet again to get up and keep fighting. Buck stomped the champ in the head, flattening him back to the mat, where he was defenseless against an off-the-ropes elbow drop from Wade that smashed his chest. Then the redneck cousins pulled Will back to his feet and whipped him into a corner for more abuse. Several of the boys in the audience were crying foul and yelling that Buck and Wade were cowards, but none dared to intervene with a posse of other rednecks just waiting for a reason to work them over. All they could do was watch, as Buck and Wade hung their champ front-first against the turnbuckles and unleash a brutal barrage of stomps to his back. When they were done, Will lay shaking and moaning across the bottom
turnbuckle. Buck yelled at and goaded the champ's supporters as Wade checked the ref, saw he was still out, and then dragged Will off of the ropes by a handful of the singlet by his butt. He dragged the teen to his feet and pushed him towards Buck, who once more planted Will's head between his legs. Then, as Wade climbed to the top rope, Buck swung Will up onto his shoulders; and as Wade leapt into
flying lariat, Buck brought the kid down on his own, Wade rocking the boy's chest before the big man plowed his powerbomb home. A thwack resounded through the yard and the ring shook as Will's tenderized back was driven to the mat; still, the referee did not stir. Seeing this as they got up, Buck and Wade smiled and then pulled the champ up for more punishment.

They backed Will into a corner and then whipped him across the ring, where his back slammed into the turnbuckles so hard that he bounced back out to the mat, face-down. Wade and Buck walked over, each
grabbed an arm, and they lifted and slammed him back into the corner again... and again,.... and again, until, after the fifth time, Will stumbled to his knees and fell between them as they pulled him out. Buck held the arm, though, until he'd dropped an elbow down on Will's back, driving him down to the mat under both their weights as Wade let go. Cousin Wade helped Buck back to his feet, and then - seeing the ref finally coming back around - they dragged the champ to the center of the ring for one last doubleteam. They pulled Will up and steadied him on his feet in the center of the ring. Then, Wade hit the ropes in front of him while Buck went behind. Simultaneously, Wade clotheslined the kid hard across the chest as Buck speared into his lower back, sending Will flipping over Buck before the teen flopped back to the mat, face-down and moaning with a hand immediately on his back. The ref was pulling himself back up by the ropes now, so Wade stepped back out of the ring and dropped to the ground while Buck rolled to the ropes and pulled himself up. The heavyweight hit the ropes and brought a massive legdrop down on Will's back. Then he grabbed the teen by his hair and dragged him to his feet. Will wobbled, unable to hold himself up after the beating he'd taken. He didn't have to, though, for Buck wrapped his arms around the champ's waist again and lifted him high into another bearhug.

As the big redneck squeezed his smaller opponent and walked him toward the center of the ring, the skies opened up and it began to pour down rain on the ring and everyone in and around it. Several ran for cover or pulled something over their heads to keep dry. Buck didn't even seem to notice; he just kept squeezing Will's body tighter and tighter in the bearhug. Will was moaning and pressing futilely against the big man's chest, as the red fabric of his singlet darkened, soaked through, and tightened around his skin. His back hurt so much, and the bearhug was just crushing him into Buck, bending his back and pressing ever-harder into it. But when the ref asked if he would submit, Will choked out a defiant, "NO!" So once more, Buck took off, ramming the lightweight champion into a corner and smashing his back against the turnbuckles. Then he straightened right back up, still holding Will suspended in the bearhug. Buck pulled at his own arms, squeezing even harder, and shook the teen around wildly as he walked back to the middle of the ring. Again, however, Will refused to submit; so Buck plowed him into the turnbuckles again, tightened the grip and shook the boy even more violently on the way back to center ring. The teen was all but limp, hanging in the vice-like grip of Buck's thick arms. Will's face was
slack, and this time he didn't respond when the ref asked if he wanted to give in. So, the ref lifted one of Will's dangling arms. It dropped. He grabbed Will's wrist and lifted the arm once more. Again, it dropped. A third time, the ref lifted Will's arm, but as he dropped it, the heavy powered the bearhug on a bit tighter, shocking Will with a fresh burst of back pain and causing him to lift both arms against the new level of agony.

The ref backed off, and as Buck began loosening and tightening his grip, he whispered to the champ, punctuating each word with a hard squeeze or a rough jerk with his arms. "You... are... mine!... Don't.... think... you're.... passing out.... You're gonna.... submit.... gonna scream.... that you.... give in.... to me!" When he finished pumping the bearhug tighter and tighter, he took off into the corner again, squashing the boy against the turnbuckles and pressing him there for a few seconds before pulling him back into the bearhug. With every pulse of pressure, Will felt like his back was melting and the crushing corner blows were winding him beyond breath. He didn't know how long he could take this without giving Buck what he wanted. Still, when the ref asked again about a submission, Will shouted, "NO!" With that, Buck began bucking anew, whipping the teen's upper body up and down as he squeezed his lower back. The boy groaned and screamed as his back was whipped around by his own weight, with the bearhug still being powered on tighter every few seconds. When the shaking stopped, Will found himself looking over Buck's shoulder at a turnbuckle just a foot behind the big man. Then Buck took off, running all the way across the ring to slam Will in again. Now, finally, he let go of the bearhug and lifted Will to sitting on the top turnbuckle. Buck climbed to the second, from where he crotch-lifted the teen, jumped back and twisted, squashing Will to the mat with a huge powerslam. The ref slid in and began a count, but Buck didn't even wait for two before pulling Will's head and shoulders up to break the count. Buck rolled the teen over and left him lying face-down by the corner while he stepped through the ropes and climbed to the top turnbuckle.

From the top, Buck jumped and leaned back, crashing his back down onto Will's in a brutal senton bomb. The teen cried out and arched up against Buck's back, which the big man took ready advantage of. He wrapped one arm down around the kid's neck and the other down around his thighs. Then the big man stood up, holding poor Will stretched across his back and choking in the chinlock that partially
held him there. The ref sought a submission, but Will was unable to open his mouth and had nowhere to tap out, so all the ref saw was the champ flailing as he lost his breath, and tearing up as his back as wracked with more new pain. After a minute of holding the teen in that awful position, Buck decided he wasn't getting his submission that way, so he jumped and fell back, splatting the boy's front to the mat under his weight. Most of the crowd were yelling, begging Buck to just pin Will and end it; those in the audience with Buck and Wade, meanwhile, were calling for the punishment to continue. And it seemed to be them who Buck listened to, as he dragged Will back to his feet again and whipped him into a corner. The boy's chest plowed into the top turnbuckle moments before Buck followed, full body blocking the teen to crush him into the corner again. The heel moved, and Will fell to his knees, leaning against the second turnbuckle. Buck pulled him back up and draped his arms over the top rope, standing him against the turnbuckles. Then the beefy redneck took hold of the second rope and began driving his shoulder into Will's back, ramming the teen over and over as he moaned in the ropes. After the seventh, Buck turned a destroyed champion around and pressed him in the corner for a moment before whipping him across the ring.

Will's back collided with the corner and he flung out of it, landing face-down by the corner. Buck ran over and leapt, planting an elbow down on the kid's back. Then he pulled the kid up for more. He crotch-lifted Will and held him tight while he ran across the ring, slamming his back on the top turnbuckle. Then he did it again, and again. After the third, Buck walked to the center of the ring and powerslammed the teen to the mat. The ref tried to count a pin to end the match, but Buck yanked Will back off the mat and yelled at the ref for trying. Cowed, the referee got out of Buck's way as he again crotch-lifted the champ, and then slammed his back across a knee. Buck held Will there, pressing a hand down on his knee and one on his chest to bend the kid over his leg. Will screamed out, but screamed "NO!!" still when asked if he would submit. So Buck pounded a forearm down on the kid's gut, and then reapplied the stretch even harder, pushing Will's head almost down to the mat. When the teen refused again to submit, the heavy stood, lifted him high, and slammed him down on his knee again. Then he reapplied the stretch, yet harder, with one hand now pressing Will toward the mat by his throat. This choke, the ref saw, and he demanded the hold end. Before the ref counted to five, however, Buck let up and shoved Will off of his knee onto the mat. The big man got up and walked around to Will's feet, where he grabbed hold of each ankle. As Will lifted his hands in helpless protest, the huge redneck pressed a foot down on the teen's crotch, pressing down steadily harder until the ref's count neared five again. Then he let up, breaking the count, but slammed his foot back down on Will's groin before rolling the teen over into a Boston Crab.

Buck leaned into the crab hard, tucking the teen's ankles under his arms as he leaned back and began to bend Will horribly. Then it got worse. With the teen's ankles secured, Buck managed to squat down and grab his wrists as well. Then he stood back up, suspending the champ completely by his ankles and wrists, leaving the teen to hang under Buck, his back bent back awfully in the double hold. The ref was right there, ready to accept a submission. And Will did not scream out "no" this time. As agonizing, shooting pains wracked his back, he finally thought he had no choice but to give. Will screamed out in anguish, as Buck began hopping up and down, causing the teen to bend and bow further with his own bouncing weight. Then, just as it seemed that Will was ready to give in, the big man jumped and then sat, pulverizing Will's lower back under his ass as he vertically splashed down onto it. Will was totally destroyed. As Buck got up, the teen didn't move much at all, just lying face-down on the mat, in the rain. The big man hit the ropes and dropped a few legs across his brutalized opponent's head. Then he pulled will back to his feet, grabbed him from behind and lifted him onto Buck's shoulders in a brutal torture rack. Within a second, Will was screaming again, and Buck was bucking, jumping up and down in the ring as he slammed the kid's back against his shoulders over and over, bending poor Will nearly in two as he squeezed him down over his hulking shoulders. Finally, as Buck promised he would, as the
first bolt of lightning flashed in the sky, Will screamed out, "I GIVE! STOP! I GIVE UP!"

But Buck didn't stop. As Wade climbed into the ring, the new champion just kept racking the boy. Will was screaming, begging for the rack to end, but Buck just kept bending him further and bucking him harder. When Wade gut-punched and then piledrove the referee, it became clear that they weren't done with WIll yet. Buck kept up the pressure on the torture rack, bending the teen further back yet over his shoulders as he jumped and shook him around. Will continued to cry out his submission as Wade climbed to the top turnbuckle. Then, as Buck took a break from flinging the teen around, Wade jumped and slammed an elbow down into Will's suspended gut. After this, the torture rack lasted only another half minute before Buck unmercifully ended it by slamming his weight back, slapping Will's front to the canvas under him. Wade helped Buck up, and after the big man took a moment to splash down once more onto the already knocked-out referee, the self-styled hicks turned back to the former champion. Wade pulled the teen up and then body slammed him in the center of the ring while Buck climbed the ropes. Then the big man leapt, and splashed down hard across Will's body. Next Buck got Will up onto his shoulders and Wade went to the top turnbuckle. When they were ready, Buck fell forward and Wade leapt, grabbing Will's head and piledriving it to the mat brutally hard. When the heels got off of him, Will was out cold. Wade collected the championship belt and gave it to Buck, who gloated for a few minutes over the teen's pulverized body and then left Will lying in the rain as he and his cousin, with their very satisfied buddies, went off to celebrate having taken over BKTW.

Will ached for weeks after the mat, and it was a month before his back felt normal again. He wasn't thrilled with Buck having the belt to lord over his friends who were still in the fed, but he didn't mind going out the way he'd come in, as a jobber. It seemed right somehow, though as Will packed up his bags for college he just felt glad he didn't have to job anymore. He'd started wrestling in school last year, and planned to continue in college. At least he'd always get to face someone his own size on an amateur mat. Still, he knew he'd miss it. He'd even recently admitted to himself that he had missed jobbing while he was champ. He liked pushing his body to see how much punishment it could take; the pain was a rush for him a lot of the time, and though the rednecks were all butt ugly, there had been a few of Zack's friends who he hadn't minded being jobbed by. Still, now it was time to move on entirely...

... or so he thought.

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Photo moderation blogIronbull's blog

I seem to have fallen into the habit of moderating photos. A brown belt in photo moderation, no less. So, for what it's worth, here are some personal gripes about profile photos.

Pitch dark. Get some lighting fellas. Or open the curtains and give your neighbours a treat.

Infinite regression. Most cameras, including phone cameras, have a timer. If you use it you won't end up with the "mirror photo" which makes you look like you're standing a mile away. At least crop the mirror pics before uploading unless you need advice on your bathroom colour scheme.

Selfies - see previous comment.

A group of 10 almost-identical photos don't add anything to 1 good one. Unless you're Andy Warhol.

A photo of your right elbow or your left foot? Really? What on earth for? To prove you're not an amputee?

A photo of your dick? Really? bleagh... Stick a bow tie and a sparkler in the top of it and we might be impressed. Better still, get a tiny wrestling singlet made for it and call it Dick the Bruiser...

A blow by blow photo journal of two men groping each other in a darkened hotel room? Admittedly the internet was a bit short of low grade porno so thanks for your contribution and for sharing those precious memories with us. You beasts ..... grr

A new photo every day? I was beginning to forget what you looked like, stud. Phew. Thanks for the latest. Now I can relax.

Bicep curls while sitting astride your defeated victim. That's just showing off now isn't it....? Save your mirror muscles for the mirror.

The karate-kicking-the-camera shot. Why is it always the high side-kick? Are you practicing for the chorus line? So your feet are lethal weapons... yeah yeah. At least wash between your toes first... Bruce Lee.

And finally, a great photo of a relaxed fighter who you can see properly is a fine fine thing....

Gripe over.

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Re-thinking Retirementwrestlerm's blog

I decided that my retirement might have been premature. I suppose I have a match or two left. I've decided to stick to pro wrestling. I can still do submission but I prefer pro. I am pretty good at it and so that's where I have landed. As some of you know, I have mats in my home so motel matches are out for me. I don't object to others who like them. They are just not for me. As far as gear is concerned, I prefer thongs or speedos. I don't have boots and I have always wrestled in bare feet. I am in great shape for my age and stronger than I have ever been. I probably need to back away from the table. Anyone wanting to wrestle, I can host so give me a shout.

So this is where I have landed.

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Gay Games 2018 Parisenetarch's blog

So, I have a goal to get to GAy Games 2018 located in Paris.

I track my progress through several blogs. And look for people who are willing to support and motivate me. While monetary support is ok - not required - emotional and suggested workouts or techniques are very welcome.

The primary thing I'm trying to build back up - is my stamina. It's taken a beating over the past several years, and I've had a very hard time recovering it. So, if you have tips in that department, it would be appreciated.

Thanks for your support.

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Wednesday - workoutenetarch's blog

Jogging and back and biceps

Jogging …
3 mins warm up, 3.5 mph, 85 to 100 bpm
21 mins jogging, 5.8 mph, 167 bpm, 900 breaths
7 mins cool down, 2.5 mph, 125 bpm

Biceps and back ..
Normal grip over head .. 45 x 25, x25, x25
Reverse grip over head .. 45 x15, x15, x15
Normal grip waist .. 45 x20, x20, x20
Reverse grip waist .. 45 x15, x15, x15

Bicep curls .. 15x15, 17.5x10, 15x15

Weight .. 236
Bmi .. 30%

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Alive and Kicking Butts as I Approach 75.Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle) blog

So hilarious at the doctor's office yesterday for a checkup. Telling her about doing at least 3 hrs exercise daily, weights, calisthenics, punching, fast walking, wrestling, brawling–and she said at my age I might be overdoing it and to keep in mind that I had the stroke [in 2009], a stent, a form of leukemia [in remission for a decade], etc. Then she recounted how surprised considering how bad a shape I was after the stroke and amazed at how I am now. I said, quite frankly it IS BECAUSE of all this exercise that I am alive and strong today, not IN SPITE of it. Stronger than ever in my life.

Three hours later, I was wrestling a man with a decade of experience, and handling this guy heavier than I – with ease– holding back so I wouldn't hurt him. Breaking out of any of his skillful holds he put on me by sheer strength alone – and being told I'm one hulluva lot stronger than I look. Really nice guy who was not upset in the least about all this. [He is not a member of this site; didn't know it existed. So I I ran him thru its features on a computer; and encouraged him to join].

So much for what some medical professionals have to say about "overdoing the exercise." I say with utmost modesty and humility. If you have doubts, 'Bring It! Let's wrestle!" [Only restriction is no headshots with the punching]

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Tuesday Night Grapplingenetarch's blog

Gene, from GGWC, taught a new student how to get a 2 on 1, to a single, high crotch to a double using a squat stance vs dropping to a knee.

As it turned out 2 students for grappling showed up, as well. YAY!!! =)

We worked on the scissors sweep and the elevator sweep.

I just showed it to my first student as he arrived 15 before the 2nd student. I didnt explain it, as i wanted to see how much he could pick up on the technique. He did pretty good, for learning where all 4 contacts .. hands and feet .. go.

Then we moved from the reversals to mount. And, from.mount to a Z-Mount arm bar, using the reverse arm bar leg lock to complete it.

Not bad for 1 hrs worth of time.

While i was fine while stretching, once i started teaching, I was sore… dont jnow why. =(

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From one American -SwitchUpDown108's blog


Not the place for this, I know. But its 2AM in Arizona, and I'm not able to sleep.

As I've taken my first looks around the community here, Its been enriching to encounter such a truly diverse, wordwide, and affirming group of people devoted to such a niche shared interest. Naive, perhaps, but I honestly didn't realize there were so many of us out there, in every place there is.

Whether its to train ones body and mind or to get one's rocks off, none of what any of us does here is gonna 'save the world'. For some its a pasttime, for others the thing they live and breathe, but I want to be emphatic on this point - To know yourself, to pursue the thing that makes you the best you can you be, is always, always a radical act. Culture homogonizes, Self knowlege is rebellion.

I was born and raised and live in America. I'm no sociologist or student of history in any honest sense, but I know enough to know that what's keeping me up tonight isn't new. No one needs the litany read again of genoside, slavery, exploitation and pursecution the comprise my country's past and shape every moment of its present. What has me sleepless tonght might be an exceptionally repulsive recent mutation, but its nonetheless a species we know very well.

I'm burying the lede here. I'm writing this specifically for any non-American folks who might end up reading it someday. Of course I only speak for myself, but a platform is a platform....

I could not possibly be more in opposition to the current president, what passes for his 'policies', or the party which has failed to check his toxic agenda or censure his hate speech. He is an embarassment to the idea of national embarassments, and beyond the lies and sexual assaults and blatant fraud and wanting to date his daughter and constitutional violations, he is guilty of what i think might be the greatest crime a person can commit against themselves - he is completely disinterested in correcting his own ignorance. Its no vice to lack knowlege, but to be simply totally unconcerned about the gaps in your understanding, upon arising to the pinnacles of power, cannot be forgiven.

And in related matters, there is NO equivalency between those who want to exterminate groups of people, and those who would prevent any extermination. There are not 'many sides' when there is one side would put most of us here into ovens. Punch fascists, make racists afraid again, #yesallwomen, #blacklivesmatter. NAZIPUNKSFUCKOFF

This is the part of the post where Im supposed to wrap up with my 'where we go from here' hot take, But you should ask yourself, and sharper minds than mine what to do next. Besides, its stupid late, and I still hafta proofread this. I just... want anyone out there to know that MANY American's see the current executive for the naked emperor egobaby dictator game show host he is. Maybe we DON'T deserve better than this, but I harbor absolutely no doubt that we ARE better.

Thanks for reading...We soon return to our regularly scheduled broadcast....

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Captain's Log Stardate 160817.08 - An Ode to Cyberingkimmetje's blog

I was thinking last night about something, I've been trying to convince a meetfighters guy to wrestle me but I think he is generally nervous about the weight different that separates us even though he is far far fitter than me especially coming into the sport. Whilst I am still working on the real-life meet, he did challenge me to a cyber-match. It got me thinking that it actually might be fun to write about that and see where it would go; especially noting that there may be weeks between wrestling bouts since I'm such a complicated person to lock down what with my travel schedule and social life.

I've already cybered with a few guys on the site, and as a creative writer, the thought of cybering actually has a certain thrill about it that I can't quite decide whether meetfighters look down upon it or not. I'd be curious what more experienced users of the site think about that. For me, it brings out a different level of excitement but it also has a powerful ally to make it just as potent: one's imagination.

What I've found interesting in my cyber experiences is that just like a real wrestling match, if your cyber opponent responds to you in a realistic way, appreciates the impact a hold or lock will have on the body and responds in kind that can be quite a powerful image that builds and the mind and body will do the rest. I've found my first cyber sessions quite exhilarating, especially if you also go that extra mile and share some real-life pictures just to help the imagination along even further. And what’s surprised me, just like my first wrestling match in real-life, is that if the guy is realistically role-playing, the end-outcome might surprise both cyber-wrestlers when they begin.

I’ve cybered now with three people, although a couple of have bailed in the middle of a match (could it be because they weren’t in a good position anymore?), but with those three guys, the encounter was quite interesting because you end up googling the holds they put you in and try and come up with a counter-attack that you would be capable of pulling, the domination and the submission is just the same and so is the climax as you either take your prize or allow the winner to take his. I should maybe think about asking contestants if they’d be willing to share these as stories, actually… and put them somewhere…

Oh that reminds me, cybering has something else, I find, it actually can help make the real-life encounter even more exciting because through it you get a much more powerful glimpse at what the other guy yearns for, and what he fears, about the holds you know may put him off balance or bring him over the edge. I’m also wondering if it might be a way to break down nerves with people who might otherwise not be sure about wrestling you. In the end what you write, how you write, the speed at which you write all offer incredibly poignant doorway into the kind of man and wrestler you are, even if you might not know that that’s what you’re doing.

As a writer, I see writing style in the same way someone can get the measure of a man by looking in their eyes. I do get nervous about the permanency of the exchange though, but maybe that too is part of the fun?

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