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Shaking my head to clear my thoughts... my eyes staring at his feet I felt my hair burn as he slowly pulled me to my knees... still gasping for air B yanked my head... straining my neck in a sickening position. I was prone as our eyes locked, he reared back and struck my face with an his right palm... my head snapped back with each strike....

B released his hold on my hair... my eyes tearing from the bitch slapping.. my blonde hair falling in front of me as I pulled back away from B. Nursing my stinging face I scrambled back away from him in order to give my self some distance and to regroup.

Still not on my feet I found myself at the end of the mats and close to the fireplace he had secured with pillows and foam. I got myself to my feet still nursing my head and gut as he circled me. I was sweating already and cautious to engage B, the SOB was taunting me and closing in everytime I made a move to get away. Finally he cornered me and we locked up.

We pushed each other back and forth. Once again his size was an advantage.... as I tried to get closer he drove his knee into my gut. I stopped in motion only to have him pull me into a side headlock. Cranking the hold he was cutting off my air... my hand vainly pulled and slapped at his arms... with head motion I made it was no effect only costing me precious energy. My resistance began to fade as he slid me down further in the side head lock closer to his thick cock...rubbing up on my face and parading me around the room echoing with my pain, humiliation and his laughter.

B tiring of this forced me to the mat keeping my in a side headlock and pulling my free arm to his thighs locking it in position....

Trapped and exposed spittle racing from my mouth he took hold with his free hand to yank my hair in order to make me face him.. we once again locked eyes... my trapped hand could feel his manhood swell ....

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B continued to press his advantage. Slowly he re-positioned himself across my chest, his full weight bearing down on my chest. As he move across our sweaty bodies he now had my locked in a crucifix hold, my one arm trapped in his thighs and my other now caught by his free arms. I struggled all that I could be maneuver myself from the pending disaster but it was useless. I could feel B take hold of my wrist and then bending forward... I shrieked in pain, he kept the pressure on with one hand as his other reached back and found its way around my neck, taking my arm he brought me up and then cranked my arm behind my back. B simply took hold of my hand with his hand that was positioned under my neck and lock me in.

B now had a free arm. I was trapped. To make matters worse, his free hand was out of site all I could do is wait for his next move.... it did not take long.

Within seconds I could feel my gut explode with his hammer fist. I convulsed with each strike. At first I pulled my legs up in a vain attempt to cover myself, that was answered with SLAP...SLAP...SLAP to my ass. I dropped my leg as he continued his assault on my exposed gut. 1...2...3...4...5... hammer fists then he stopped to survey the damage he had inflicted. My screams filled the room with each of his strikes. B then massaged my reddened stomach... a quick slap to my injured gut kept my mind in the game. B reaching down took hold of my swollen cock . He gave a tug and then started to trash talk.... "well bitch we will see where this ends up" and with that he drove a elbow into my gut and released me.

Screaming in agony I rolled into a fetal position trying to ease my aching gut. I could see B moving around me then I felt him take hold of my wrists one then the other, my nude body sweating and laying face down he pulled me into a surfboard.... stretching my injured gut and digging his heel into my lower back. Having me contorted in a grotesque image of what I once was he kept up the pressure slowly working me to my knees then shoved me once more to the mat.

B once again taunting me as I could feel him drop his ass to my back and taking my lithe arms he pulled my arms over his knees. I heaved heavy with his weight and and all the abuse. He let me there in that position for what seems an hour. Every time I could not keep my head up B reached down and took hold of my hair to re position me. Sweat was pouring from me as he reached over taking me by my upper jaw pulled my head back exposing my torso.

1..2...3..4..5..6...across my pecs.... then locking in a claw hold to both of my pecs. He was systematically weakening every part of my body and I knew it and could not stop anything that was about to happen

next the finally

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Seems Like a Long TimeSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Things got so much better for me recently. Used to be that if I could get in one or two encounters in a month, I would believe it's been a good month. But today, it seems like forever since having someone on the mats here that I had to check my records to see just how long it has been. Dayam!!! No action since Thursday morning – Three whole days since six opponents in the seven days ending this past Thursday.. Interesting how perspectives can change. Now the thinking is that I still need 57 more guys I have not wrestled yet to get that body count up to 100. :)

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Someone's Bad DaySpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

You thought you were either having a bad day at wrestling or you're not that good to begin with, when the opponent who walked in 30 minutes ago saying he could stay two hours, suddenly checked his phone for messages and decides he had to leave right now.

THEN: Thanks to some Internet postings, you find out the guy was moving on to "greener pastures," the 'sport' equivalent to movin' on to a hotter guy as in the old gay bar - bathhouse scene of days gone by. Voila! Not such a bad rassler here after all :)

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The first one is the hardestTheoneTW's blog

So i've been on the site about a year now on and off and had a few interesting conversations with guys some fun, some not so fun a couple on the bizarre.
So here I am looking for that first wrestle but it never quite works out. I'm the nearly man of meetfighters. I will say I am to blame some of the time; i think I put too much pressure on myself wanting that first time to be epic and then when the time comes, im either blighted by injury or the bottle goes. I'm just sorry for coming accross as being a time waster which I'm far from. I just need that first step into it and wonder what other guys have done on their first wrestle?
I've always had a thing about wrestling, the contact, clothed and unclothed and the fight for domination. Looking forward to wrestle one of you guys and show what I can give and take in a hard and drawn out grapple!

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2017-10-22stormwrestle's blog

I'm away on a deployment for the next six months or so. Hope to come back in the late spring and hit the mats again! I've enjoyed the wrestling I've been able to get in. Not a lot of matches, but the ones I've had were great. There's some real good men out there that have welcomed me into this world of wrestling by kicking my ass and I've enjoyed it!

Still available to chat, with some limited times, but will make my best to respond.

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You young people and your "chatroom"!edscissors's blog

Oh dear - I tried really hard this evening but I could make neither head nor tail of our MF chatroom!

Once I saw how to do so, I exchanged two quick series of messages (chats) with two good friends who happened to be online ... but with whom the same messages might well have been exchanged, though maybe a bit slower, in the usual way.

I sent a couple of greetings to the assembled company but didn't understand the next few minutes' messages at all: did they refer to what I had written? Were they part of some ongoing conversation of which I had no knowledge? For me, gibberish. Sorry, all!

I try really hard with "Infotech". One of the guys with whom I chatted in "CHAT" is in fact older than me but apparently had no trouble in decipering what had been written in the minutes after my chat-message. Well done, "Peter".

I think I'll just stick with the old-fashioned way. I send you a message ... you reply ... I respond if necessary ... remember? Our MF site seems to work pretty well in this old-fashioned way ... but I shall certainly click again on "chat" one day and maybe hope to make some sense of it despite the fact that I am SO old (61).


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Moving Up -- I'm for RealSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Checked today (as of Thursday 10/19/2017 11:35 Hrs) where having 43 confirmed past opponents puts me well up there among the distribution of the folks here on the site. Of the 14,754 members, the median number of opponents is only ONE (barely above the zero-one boundary) and the mean (average) was SEVEN . In terms of rankings, the members with 43 were in 498th to 508th place–(average rank=513 or 3.4 percent (the 96.6 percentile) of the 14,754 total). Still a long ways from the top 117 members who are at 100+ confirmed opponents – 0.79 percent of members

To sum it up. Being in that top 3.4 percent (tho far from those with hundreds of past opponents) should be proof sufficient that (1) I'm here for real, (2) I'm a viable opponent, (3) and I am wanting to take on some of those guys who rank well above me to help me yet more to improve my skills.

This isn't a matter of vanity bragging. Rather, it is a bit of good old-fashioned advertising and a request for more of you "up there in the rankings" guys to start taking me on, especially if you like to teach your skills. :) The one thing that really irks me is the whole issue of age----If so many guys hadn't refused me simply because of age, I'd be more skilled and have well over 100 past opponents by now. I do have to wonder if there are many men among the DC area gay population who do not require a guy to be a good potential sex partner in order to wrestle him?

Since I'm where Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia come together, I am (as many others) are listed under all three.. Here are my past opponents counts and rankings for these jurisdictions. VA=7th of 165 members 95.8 percentile; DC=19th of 140 members 86.4 percentile; MD=11th of 102 members 89.2 percentile; Need more proof I'm real? Simple; take me on

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Aftermath of Hurricane MARIA, my England/France trip postponed but NOT CANCELLED!!!

Hey you all out there!

I want to first: thank all of you who one way or another, reached out to me during this time of huge duress for my country in general. As most of you might know by now, on the early morning hours of Sept 20th, Puerto Rico was ravaged and destroyed almost entirely by Hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster my island has ever encountered. Please feel free to google this so you can see the extent of the destruction , on every level , the island suffered. Today , a month exactly afterwards, the situation here is still dire! most of the country is still without electric power and some is still with no potable water either. The part that I live ,on the west coast ,has fared a tiny bit better. I am happy , yet distressed to say that as of now, my town has the basic services of power and water and communications if a bit unreliable and shaky.I am ok guys ! Thanks for asking!...
...but obviously there are still consequences in general as fallout .The one that concerns me the most is the massive exodus of my countrymen to mainland USA, as puertoricans are American citizens. That has made it almost impossible for many of us to get a flight out sooner. Hence I’ve had to POSTPONE but not Cancel my trip abroad. As a matter of fact today I was able to book a rountrip to NYC, leaving on Tuesday , NOV 28th and getting back here on the 16th of December . Which means that somewhere around the 30th of Nov I should be making my flight to England , with a quick stop in Paris ,France in the middle and then , back to England, back to Nyc and back home!
...I took myself out of the events that I was listed for in early November and I have listed my self on the ones that are on the dates that I will be there.’s been very tough, with all happening and the logistics but I think I’ll be able to see most of you.

..please bear with me on these difficult times and thanks for all the support. Please donate also , if you could , not to me but to my country through any of the relief outlets set throughout!

See and wrestle all of you soon....looking forward

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Am I Weird for Seeking This? (Or am I wired too differently?)Spruceman's (always wanting to wrestle/grapple) blog

Seek guys who are here looking for the sport associated with this site's name more than for sex on a mat alone (they could find elsewhere). I venture that real men seeking real sport, don't care if their opponents or training partners are cute, sexy, and the other bullcrap found on all the fuksites..

If there's 'chemistry' for whatever else, that should come afterwards. Even better are sport mates who could socialize a bit, rather than running out the door when the action on the mats is over. Hope to find guys local to me seeking likewise, – Spruceman, the brawlin' Yetiman in Arlington VA USA.

UPDATE October 23, 2017: The replies so far lend credence to my entry which is seven down from this one.

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