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Calstarprime jest polecany przez CaliWrestler (2019-07-21)

I always have a great time wrestling with Calstarprime! He's a fun and tough opponent who has a knack for using very creative submissions.


SpeedoFighterAdam jest polecany przez CaliWrestler (2019-07-21)

Got lucky enough to schedule a last minute match with Adam while we were both in San Diego. He made for a fun and enjoyable time wrestling!


Dogfighter5 jest polecany przez rrabq87106 (2019-07-21)

I have wrestled with Dogfighert5 five twice. JH's a nice guy and good with beginners like me. He's strong and a serious wrestler. If you really want to wrestle, Dogfighter5 is highly recommended.


wrestlersp jest polecany przez TommyP9 (2019-07-21)

Had a great time with Wrestlersp. A great wrestler and willing to adapt to my level. We had a lot of back and forth, gut punching, knees and holds. He gave me a good work over and took mine with ease. Off the mat is a really nice guy, show me around the beautiful city and gave me recommendations. Definitely hit him up if you want to spice up your visit in São Paulo


Lonebear3381 jest polecany przez Private wrestling (2019-07-21)

What can I saw about Lonebear (Brad)! He was a great opponent but more than that a great guy and true gentleman! He was easy to communicate with, showed up on time, and was more than understanding when due to an issue, the matches could not go as we had first discussed!

Brad is one tough hot man and had so much hot hard fun with him today well as hard as we could due to my issue. He was hot in that singlet and he knows what he is doing. He can take a lot and give just as much and more. We had a confined space due to my rooming accommodation, but that did not slow us down. He was awesome on and off the mat, and very easy and more than pleasant to talk with and much more. Don’t let that fool you, he can get down to hard business and promise he will make you tap. We went back and forth for a few hours, and have no clue who submitted the most and don’t care.

He was my first match from here, and he made it an awesome, enjoyable, hot, hard experience. I cannot say enough about Brad not only as a wrestler, but as a man as well. I will be sore for days and hope he is as well. I cannot wait for our next meeting for sure. I appreciate him working with me on some last minute travel plans and a unexpected personal issue when we met today.

Brad, thanks for an awesome and wonderful first experience, and for being an awesome man. Can’t wait to see you again for some more.

Don’t miss your chance to take this man on if you can. I promise it will be a great time for all. On a scale of 1 to 10, he is a 15!


wrestlemask jest polecany przez mrleotard (2019-07-21)

After chatting with wrestlemask for quite some time I finally got to meet and wrestle wrestlemask. We had a great back and forth match and worked up quite a sweat. He really knows what he's doing on the mats, and while being tough and strong is always mindful of the safety of both wrestlers. Wrestlemask has a good set up for wrestling and is well equipped to accommodate, and a good host.
After a great match we headed off for a few beers and it didn't take long for the banter to kick in. A friendship has definitely been formed with this great guy. Highly recommended to meet for a wrestle, and a drink afterwards.


SammyUSA jest polecany przez Angelo (2019-07-21)

SammyUSA was a great wrestle. He's very strong and flexible, so don't let his smaller, swimmer's-framed body fool you. He can take a lot and can also dish it out. We had a very fun Saturday afternoon match after he was gracious enough to arrange a space and time for us to lock up. Great guy off the mats. We had been trying to plan something for quite some time, so I'm glad that I could finally meet this hot wrestler.


wrestle08 jest polecany przez geminiwrestler (2019-07-21)

This is one big guy with strong shoulders and arms. Can lift and carry without too much problem.

Gets you in some great holds that are pretty tough to get out of...and sometimes tapping was the only way..

Good guy off the mats and enjoyed his company.. happy to take him on again


kounderwear jobber jest polecany przez wrestlerguy21 (2019-07-21)

wrestled him today on 7/20/2019. Had a lot of fun. he's as good a fantasy heel as he is a jobber. he does both roles great. likes to wear different gear. he's interested in knowing and doing what you like to do as well.


resurgam jest polecany przez Saturday4pm (2019-07-21)

Been wanting to meet "Resurgam" for a long time and, after a postponement and with no help whatsoever from my passenger 'Tom Thomas', I finally did so. I looked forward to a good meet but, instead, got a GREAT meet. There was plenty of room on the specially prepared matted area and wrestling on it was a doddle.

Resurgam is tenacious and loves a grapple and will defend himself well. He's very safe to wrestle and is very strong proving to be a good host too. Fully recommended and round 2 will be had!!

(For sale: one knackered satnav)

71327 recommendations