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ncusa0313 jest polecany przez finest (2018-09-20)

Great fun in the ring with this wrestler who gives as good as he gets. Total blast!


RocRassler jest polecany przez Lookintowrestle (2018-09-20)

He was my first opponent after a long hiatus from wrestling. He definetly reinvigorated my enthusiasm and passion for wrestling. He put me through my paces, and roughed me up like I wanted. Superb human being! Amazing body and he was tons of fun to wrestle!
Wrestle him for sure if u get the opportunity!


MasherGER jest polecany przez Basi100 (2018-09-20)

Masher is a very big and strong wrestler. I was very impressed. The fight with him was balanced from the first to the last minute. He never took advantage of his distinct physical and technical superiority. We had lot of fun and perfect communication before and after fight and behind the mats. My best recommendation for Masher and I look forward to the next fight.


Lookintowrestle jest polecany przez Hymalayan muscle (2018-09-20)

Had a great time wrestling this skilled grappler. He is strong, skilled and extremely flexible. Great personality and good conversation also. Highly recommend.


bernie621 jest polecany przez FinnNorbert (2018-09-20)

Bernd und ich , Finn, haben uns heute Vormittag zu einem Fight getroffen um unsere Manneskraft.. Muskeln..und Power zu testen.
Bernd ist ein Mann mit trainierten Body...guten harten Muskeln und Kraft , besitzt eine hohe Wendigkeit und greift aktiv den Gegner an.
Er hat einen harten Griff beim zupacken, und besitzt gute Kenntnisse in Würge/-und Hebel-und Beinscheren Technik.
Packt er erstmal zu , und hat einen fest im Griff, ist es sehr schwer sich her raus zu manövrieren.
Er hat eine gute Ausdauer, greift immer wieder an und versteht es seine Gegner in Sicherheit zu wiegen ,um dann im nächsten Moment, den Gegner umzuwerfen ...auf ihn drauf zu liegen und ihn hart zu packen.
Er gibt nicht so schnell auf ...lässt sich auf'n schweiss nassen Kampf intensiv ein und versucht immer wieder zu obsiegen.
Er ist ein klasse Kerl....toller harter Gegner....und ein geiler Mann ,für sein Alter mit sehr trainierter Figur, was man hier sehr selten sieht.
Ich freue mich , ihn kennen gelernt zu haben, und auf die nächsten Fights mit ihm...wir beide oder als 3er Fights.
Sehr zu Empfehlen.


curious92 jest polecany przez Corsambo (2018-09-20)

nice guy who used his swiftness to make up for his weight difference. We met with Jan91 at my place. Had several rounds and nice chats inbetween. Motivated dude with a kind attitude - would recommend.


sisuperman jest polecany przez njrassler (2018-09-20)

One of the bests hosts I’ve ever gone too. Had a great time on and off the mats at his place. Would strongly recommend getting together with him any time.


tupsi jest polecany przez DenverWrestler (2018-09-20)

was able to arrange a hotel match on short notice with this very friendly guy, whom I had met years ago when he lived in London. He still has an iron grip and strong arms, so once he's gets your wrists, your arms aren't moving anywhere. We didn't have a lot of space but managed a very sweaty tough submission match. He's a good guy, friendly and reliable, and it was a pleasure for me to reconnect with him after so many years.


guillotine jest polecany przez joehaddad1 (2018-09-20)

I met Guillotine 3 times so far and I can safely say every meeting has been excellent. He is a very strong guy who knows his moves well. And he had no issue accommodating to a beginner like me. He taught me some moves and had me apply them to him and we had some really fun matches.
He's also an overall great guy who's very interesting to talk to. I can't recommend him enough.


Hymalayan muscle jest polecany przez Lookintowrestle (2018-09-20)

Had a really fun time! He has an incredible amount of stamina! He was able to go multiple rounds in quick succession without needing much rest. Quite impressive. We had a great competitve match. Good skills and always concerned about safety!! He's a very nice guy and really personable!
Definitely recommend!

62587 recommendations