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walsallgoodguy jest polecany przez RobbieNeill (2018-11-17)

Had a long awaited match with Roger yesterday at Monica’s ring in Walthamstow. Had a blast with a very fit guy and got to know him both in the ring and socially afterwards. Looking forward to working with him more over the coming weeks and months with GBW but also as a tag partner in some of my future matches....
Arrived all ready to go and looking totally the pro wrestler in one of his many co-ordinated gear selections, he looks and acts the part. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a pro-style match.


fig42007 jest polecany przez on the line (2018-11-17)

Man, I don't know how to recommend this awesome guy! One of the most interesting and awesome people I met here on meetfighters. He is very handsome, strong and muscular. We had several tough fights and outstanding fun together! Off the mats he is a very nice guy and always up for interesting conversations. Dude, the time I spent with you included probably one of the best moments I had during my USA trip! Thank you stud! ;-)


Groundcombat jest polecany przez on the line (2018-11-17)

Unfortunately, when we met I had fought already against two other guys on the same day and wasn't able to give him a good wrestling match anymore. Instead he introduced me into the field of pro wrestling, told me how to act and showed me some very interesting pro moves. Beside that he is a very nice, muscular and handsome dude he's an awesome host and we had some really good conversations. I hope we'll meet again for a real match this time. ;-) I can fully recommend him as a person and everybody who's travelling to LA should definitely set up a match with him.


testofstrength jest polecany przez on the line (2018-11-17)

After more than 6 months of exchanging messages I met this guy in the US. He has a outstanding muscular body and is very strong but not strong enough! ;-) Off the mats is also very nice and friendly person. I can fully recommend him and hope we'll have a rematch one day to show him that it wasn't just by chance that I've won, hahaha!


wrestlermars jest polecany przez Antho1984 (2018-11-17)

Une rencontre organisée trés vite avec ce combattant Marseillais super puissant. J'ai passé un bon moment malgrés la fatigue aprés mon vol. Je recommande wrestlemars si vous etes sur Marseille


musclefan jest polecany przez French Novice (2018-11-17)

Il y a vraiment des bons lutteurs en Suisse.
Musclefan en fait clairement partie.
Il est musclé et particulièrement en forme. Sympathique et souriant, ce germanophone se débrouille vraiment bien en français.
Au combat, c’est le choc des titans. Avec un super cardio, il déploie toute sa puissance et quand il prend le dessus il le garde. Il faut être rapide et créatif pour l’éviter.
Je suis partant pour refaire ce combat de Goliath contre Goliath avec plaisir!
100% recommandé.


CoachSal jest polecany przez badladuk (2018-11-17)

Wow. I seriously can't do justice to Sal no matter how many adjectives I use.

He pushed limits, earned my trust, gave me extensive heavy punchings to head and body and was a complete gentleman when he wasn't giving me pain!

Despite the mileage between us I can promise there will definitely be a next time... and a time after that... And after that one too. He's way too good a sadist and already way too good a friend for it to end here!


clemzo jest polecany przez French Novice (2018-11-17)

Depuis le temps qu’on discutait avec Clemzo, on a enfin fini par se retrouver et vraiment ça valait le coup.
Il est sympathique et souriant, accueillant. Je me suis tout de suite senti à l’aise.
Au combat, j’ai pensé que ma petite experience et notre différence de gabarit me donnerait un sérieux avantage. En réalité, Clemzo est vif et puissant et il attaque sans hésiter. Ses ciseaux sont particulièrement efficaces. J’ai dû vraiment mettre de l’énergie pour m’en sortir et réussir à le maîtriser car à la moindre erreur il savait reprendre l’avantage.
Un combat intense dans la bonne humeur.
A refaire vite et totalement recommandé!


ButchBoots jest polecany przez badladuk (2018-11-17)

Wow! What can I say? Butchboots is jobber perfection. He squared up to me with a big size deficit... Outwrestled me to be fair; but fortunately for both of us, power triumphed in the end... and fuck can he take a beating! I mean a REAL heavy 2 on 1 beating. I didn't know people could be that tough. He seriously opened my eyes and has me looking forward to next time already....


oliver1985 jest polecany przez Alan2005sg (2018-11-17)

Oliver1985 is a super nice guy. He hosted a group meet at his place so few of us can have a good match. Good fun for all of us

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