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Wrestle4Fun jest polecany przez CHRISTOPHE FRANCE STEVEN (2017-05-24)



nycwrestlegp1 jest polecany przez SuperVilão (2017-05-24)

Wow man!

The match I had with this guy is one I'll remember fondly fro years to come!

We talked about it first, for a week and then, as I reached NY we met and the first thing I noticed was how HOT he is! Honestly, jaw dropping gorgeous.

When he took his shirt off and I saw what I would be pounding my fists against I knew I was going to have a good time.

We traded moderate gut punches for a long time. He put an air mattress against the wall so we could do the cornered jobber thing. We did it so many times that the sight of him asking me to hold back a bit still gets me as horny as hell!

What I loved the most about our session was the pleasure we derived from being together, trading punches, talking and enjoying our bodies in the end.

I'm looking forward to doing it again, and again, and again, my friend.


Prosubswrestler jest polecany przez NorthNotts (2017-05-23)

Met this giant of a wrestler today for a great 2.5hr wrestling session. He is the king of scissors and every move is thought through. Loves dishing out punishment but also can take some too (apart from the odd gut punch) ;)

I dont normally like taking a beating but this was one of my best matches with a solid built safe and sane guy. Definitely recommend. Round 2 may be a tag match as i need some help against this wrestler.


Mainewrsl jest polecany przez riwrestlebuddy (2017-05-23)

Mainewrsl is a blast on and off the mats. Do not be fooled by his size gents. He's strong, tenacious, a quick study and just keeps coming back for more.
Fiercely intelligent and terribly witty. Always a wonderful match and I am proud to call Rob friend. Very highly recommended.


Squashlad jest polecany przez atwrestlefun (2017-05-23)

Wrestling with squashlad was excellent. His defence was extremely strong and difficult to get past. This coupled with his ability to twist his body out of holds made it difficult to get a submission from him. He also had plenty of stamina and experience which made him a formidable opponent.

He was also safe and friendly and I enjoyed my time with him.


gutpuncherVA jest polecany przez Musclewrestler1 (2017-05-23)

I have wrestled GutpuncherVA many times over the years. He is strong, skilled, and offers a good workout. He offers a good punch too! Besides all this, he is a lot of fun and a nice guy! I like to roll with him every chance I get
I just had another great time wrestling with GutpuncherVA. A match with him is always a highlight of my trip to DC. He always makes sure the match is fun for both of us. He is a great guy and a great friend!


rasslin bodybuilder jest polecany przez Wrestle007 (2017-05-23)

Had a great match with rasslin bodybuilder many months back! He is very friendly and has an amazing build which made for a fun and hot time wrestling. Highly recommended and can't wait for another match with him!


chriscologne jest polecany przez ringer28 (2017-05-23)

Super sympathischer Gastgeber
Großer FC Fan
Starke Arme und Beine aus denen
man nur schwer entkommen kann.
Auf eine Revanche


chris1987 jest polecany przez Kid Extreme (2017-05-23)

After a lot of planning, we hit the ring for a 1 hour iron man match.
Had a great tussle with Chris, he is a jobber that can take some punishment but kept coming back for more over the hour. Fair to say I owned this jobber boy by the end.
Safe, reliable, friendly and lots of fun. Highly recommended


ringer28 jest polecany przez chriscologne (2017-05-23)

Stark - Sympathisch - Verlässlich
Hoffe auf weitere Kämpfe

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