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Jimmy Elijah 5 hours ago

Starter Boxing Workout / Training

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BoxinSub 3 days ago

PoV Boxing

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[5] (11 votes)
Lucho 4 days ago

Best cardio exercise

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[4] (14 votes)
fitfighter 4 days ago

pec bounce after chest day

Watched 206 times.
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MasherGER 6 days ago

Wrestlers gonna have to get bigger and bigger

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scotch2012 7 days ago

rounds 1 and 2 of 3

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Iwreslinca 8 days ago

Feeling very frisky back in March...

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boine 10 days ago

Hard session with MF member Hertsdog

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PJ1 10 days ago

Backbreakers in the ring.

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  • 19th September
    Coming to New Jersey by the end of August I had the hope that I finally could get to wrestle again after almost three months of inactivity. Initially
  • 19th September
  • 19th September
  • 19th September
    I'll be moving to Omaha, NE in April 2020, so if you're gonna be wrestling me before then you'll have get here. otherwise you'll have to look me up
  • 17th September
    Hi all Are there any uk female wrestlers on this site? Anyone seen any?! Ben
  • 17th September
    I've been able to have a few more matches with previous and new members lately. Reconnecting with opponents is always fun. So if we have wrestled in
  • 17th September
    Multi-tasking is a real time saver. Why do things serially when the time con be cut by half or two-thirds or more by doing several things at the same
  • 17th September
  • 14th September
  • 13th September
    Had a great bout with a coworker, man has he learned a lot. His punches are powerful and on target. We both go submissions and worked up a good sweat
  • 12th September
    There was a whole trip to New York back in July where I spent a week with [[users/NickZ|Nick]] and meet a number of others like [[users/Yngrasslr00|
  • 12th September
    Hello All! I am going to be traveling from Pennsylvania through Ohio to Michigan on September 21-23. I'd like to meet up and have some matches and
  • 9th September
    A lot's going on, and I just need to blog about this whole relocation as much as possible, so forgive me if I repeat myself. With only 3 1/2 months
  • 8th September
    This past Thursday night I had the extreme pleasure and honor of meeting two of the most beautiful and talented session wrestlers: Mia Annabella and
  • 8th September
    A strong ray of light poked through a group of trees and onto my face, waking me from a deep slumber. I woke up refreshed and ready for the day,



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Here’s an update about some work that has been going on behind the scenes.

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  • We’ve revised our video reviewing process. If the content in question is deemed suitable, newly uploaded videos should be visible within hours rather than days (as used to be the case.)
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Watch this space for more announcements coming soon.

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