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Mean Headscissors
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stomachpunch 2 days ago

back against the wall, I enjoy it a little bit to sink my fists to the stomach of my friend.

Watched 81 times.
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commandertc 3 days ago

jobber tapping from camel clutch

Watched 551 times.
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wrestleinsocks 6 days ago

We did a second video

Watched 734 times.

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  • 30th March
    I have come to the conclusion that since doing Pro it has shown me a new style, I don't mind rough and tumble but to be honest I like the give and
  • 29th March
    No one here, even those whom I speak to off and on, really knows who I am. Most of this is because (1) I am a closeted bisexual living in a primarily
  • 29th March
    WTF ..... the website rejected my videos, they are perfectly okay. piece of crap pisses me off, if you want to see those videos I can send them to
  • 29th March
    Admin [5]
    Posted by Steeleyes
    Thanks for boosting my ego,Administration,by my moving some of my pics to private from my profile front page,you do a great job running this site.
  • 28th March
    Men say they are interested in meeting. The opportunity arises. Men don't communicate. The opportunity disappears. And this happens exclusively with
  • 28th March
    If everything goes well I will have my first wrestling meet next month. I'm curious and excited. Everybody would be... but I am a bit more. I am
  • 28th March
    Wow! What an awesome experience. I had a great time at my first class, and can't wait to continue this journey. I learned alot (and am quite
  • 28th March
    Another great class at Spokane Boxing! Def felt more comfortable than yesterday, though still trying to relax when moving and throwing punches. I
  • 27th March
    Today I'm taking the next step.... I'm joining a local boxing gym. Not a 'fitness' gym, but an actual boxing gym. They do have men, women, kids, pros
  • 27th March
    Rather than changing my profile for a short while; I'll write it here. Q: I get asked a lot if I'm a part of the Spotland Scrappers. (I have no idea
  • 27th March
    £100 cash [1]
    Posted by Ray83
    Offering cash for guys to wrestle me Love wrestling outdoors on grassy asses Yeah I have one bad recommendation but as the guy who left it has since
  • 26th March
    Motel Wrestler: Reader Mail from Brazil:
  • 26th March
    As a newbie, who to look for as a potential opponent? :) When looking for another beginner as your wrestling date, you may think it is better as the
  • 25th March
    I had done a mistake. For inspired by the approaching spring's warm weather and an attempt to get fit again I had increased my running, yet had not



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Faceless Member Verification

Hello everyone,

A few days ago we introduced Member Verification, a new site feature designed to address a dark aspect of social sites: fake profiles. I would like to thank everyone who already verified themselves and also those who commented on this new feature. Most comments critical of verification boiled down to two camps: those who thought it was superfluous to their many past opponents and recommendations and those who were concerned about posting a public face photo. I would like to address these concerns now.

Privacy concerns

I would like to thank those who expressed their privacy concerns. I admit I hadn't thought this through in sufficient depth and my initial design didn't accommodate verification without a public face photo. I simply couldn't think up a faceless procedure. I am happy to announce that I gave the matter further thought, and came up with a process that protects your privacy while still allowing our site supporters verify your account reliably.


The faceless verification process works with two versions of a photo: a version where the face is cropped or blurred, to be placed in the public profile, and a private version of the unedited photo. The private version will show your face, but it will only be available to the supporters handling your verification and can be deleted once verification is complete. A full explanation of the process is available on the Member Verification page. The verification page walks you through the process, I tried to make it as easy and intuitive as I could. (The simple face photo validation is also still available.)

It is my hope that this modification of the process alleviates your privacy concerns. I would also like to point out that verification is voluntary. Big thanks to GrappleViking for being the first member to complete this form of validation.

The superfluous nature of verification on established profiles

Another point that was raised by some was that, once a person has a high number of past opponents and recommendations, getting verified seems unnecessary. Some even seemed to take umbrage at the thought of verifying their profile, as if this new feature was somehow a challenge to the validity of their profile. I assure you that is not the case and I would like to explain why you should still verify your profile and how this feature is still a blessing to you.

You might feel that the benefit to you is minimal, because your profile already has good reviews. Sometimes you just need to be a bit generous and look beyond your immediate interest. Maybe the benefit of verifying your profile is not to you directly, but to the site at large. (You know, the very site that helped you find all those past opponents and hosts all your great reviews.) You see, ideally, if every real profile gets Verified, the fakes would have no crowd to hide in. This is the key to how this is supposed to work. Verification is like vaccination: it works best if every person is getting their shots.

So, indirectly though, you are benefiting greatly from verification. Complaining about fakes is a popular attraction. It's true, they are a problem on any social site. They can waste people's times (and occasionally money) and erode trust. Verifying your profile is a small task that takes you maybe 5 minutes; by doing so you make the site a little better and less attractive to fakes. So please think before you post something that would discourage others from doing something that would make the site better.

Final small request

I'm extending an invitation to everyone to participate in the discussion. I would like to ask you to limit your participation to making a point once, though. Please, even if you feel that your point is particularly important and you are feeling very strongly about making it, do not post it repeatedly.

Thank you!

In other news...

The message search function is complete. I would like to thank munichsubfight for originally submitting the feature request. Due to the database-intensive nature of the operation, for now it is only available to donating members. I will experiment some more and see if it is viable to make this feature available to everybody.

What comes next is up to you, visit the Idea Box and vote for your favorite features!

– Admin out

Last edited on 2017-02-19 16:04 by Admin; 63 comment(s);
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