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Diegolucha 1 days ago

torneo de lucha

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ironranger 2 days ago

Dadbod and a 60lb kettlebell

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Only4fatfighters 2 days ago

We fight in Milan 05/21/2017

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  • 24th May
    The procedure of May 10 has been reviewed and reported on by the specialist yesterday May 23 and he is very happy with the outcome. I expect to be
  • 23rd May
    Not going into politics or anything like that but Manchester for me is the wrestling capital of the country. If I get on a train on the way to
  • 23rd May
    WORLD WRESTLING DAY 2017 世界レスリングの日2017 On May 23, 1904, the first World Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship was held in Vienna, Austria. More than a
  • 23rd May
    Because of the nature of this site and the fact a lot of us do this in secret, friends come and go and sometimes you never find out why. So when
  • 21st May
    Or at least quite habituating. Used to think once every couple weeks or so was a decent amount; but lately with some action almost every week, even
  • 18th May
    When I started working out in November, I had a fire to get going but very little direction. I knew the basics of a combined strength training/fat
  • 17th May
    I had successfully followed the idea of wrestling every calendar month throughout the winter, but after I in March had been wrestling every month
  • 17th May
    I have made the decision to call it a day with wrestling. It has been an important part of my life for the last few years but I am now moving on to
  • 17th May
    Today started out crappy, but now I feel better because my punching bag is coming by to get wrecked for 3 rounds. First I am going to work his head
  • 17th May
    I had the procedure May 10 and will know the outcome May 23. If it is OK I hope to resume wrestling sometime in June or early July. My travel plans
  • 14th May
    Had the best meet yet at Pippas organised by John Cotterill;bunch of great guys to meet;lots of humour; ImtiazAli obviously had his"destroy my
  • 14th May
    I think I've become quite attracted to beating on my punching bag. We didn't have as much time as I would have liked to have but the rush was
  • 12th May
    So I've been a bit AWOL/MIA of late. See my last blog. Needed some time away. But am back now. A good friend invited me down to come and wrestle. Bit
  • 11th May
    So I get to beat the living hell out of someone today! I am so excited. It gives me an opportunity to work on how to deliver the most pain/pleasure



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The Votes Are In - MeetFighters Is Now DateFighters!

A lot of members have asked us: Why doesn't MeetFighters become a proper dating site?

We were unsure at first, so in our last poll we asked you, and the votes are in:

Do you think MeetFighters should become a dating website, DateFighters? Votes % of votes Weighted %
Yes, I think this is a great idea. 1164 83% 85%
No, let's stay MeetFighters. 239 17% 15%

We are thrilled to report that we have listened! MeetFighters is dead, long live DateFighters!

How is DateFighters different?

DateFighters is far more sophisticated than any other contemporary dating site. Instead of nagging you for minute details and search forms that span ten screens, we just ask you four simple questions. Based on those, some Big Data and Deep Learning algorithms, we immediately find you ten perfect matches, no matter what your taste!

Try it now!

Update 2nd April: Yes, this was a joke. Thank you everyone who commented. You were fun, great to be running the site for you guys :)
Everything is back to normal, but the DateFighters page will live on for your enjoyment.

– Admin

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