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Gutpunching give/take/trade

Gutpunching - dishing and/or receiving.
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Flexwrestler 7 hours ago

Our second recorded match

Watched 244 times.
[5] (36 votes)
boymusclebrasil 1 days ago

Após chegar de um treino, exibir os músculos

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[5] (24 votes)
abs2000 1 days ago

Just a quick flexing clip

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Nettuno86 1 days ago

In this video, you can watch the final of the K1 tournament lasted an entire sports season. I am at the red corner.

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Lorak 1 days ago

Just a simple sleeper hold on HH

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BearTamer 7 hours ago

Stiff and brutal camel clutch

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AlexTritos 2 days ago

My 44 cm calves

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Stringringer 2 days ago

Anfangs war es schwer, doch dann konnte ich ihn auf den Rücken zwingen

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buscapanza 3 days ago


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A Starry New Year’s Update

First of all, a Happy New Year to all our members!

2019 is off to a flying start at MeetFighters. We’ve streamlined our messaging system and added some functionality.

You may already have noticed that the purple notification that appears in the top right hand corner of your screen when you receive a new message now disappears automatically once the message is read; no need for you to click it away anymore. The same happens when you reply to a message in a conversation.

Additionally, you can now ‘star’ any message, incoming or outgoing, in order to make it easier for you to find it later. You’ll find a grey in the bottom right hand corner of every message. If you click it, the star turns green and the message in question will appear in the list of starred messages, which you’ll find (unsurprisingly) under the button at the top of the messaging dashboard. To ‘unstar’ a message, simply click the green , and it will turn grey again.

Please note that starring a message is not the same as saving a message. Non-donating members’ messages will disappear after 90 days, even if starred. Non-donating members can star up to 20 messages at any one time. Donating members can star up to 100 messages.

Another reason to become a donating member – or to keep your donation up to date – and help us improve MeetFighters even further in 2019.

Happy Fighting and workout,
The MeetFighters Team.


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