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love to wrestle mature guys, like the holds and the body contact. no one under 45 please, sorry , not interested in younger guys.



  1. Wielka Brytania, darlington
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Wiek: 49-year-old Meżczyzna

Wymiary: 183 cm, 100 kg

Ubiór: singlets, trunks, boots, nude

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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sjs333 jest polecany przez dadwrestle

After a long break, had the real pleasure of hitting the mats again with this amazing wrestler. He still looks awesome, with a thick muscled body. On the mats he is safe, sane but as tough as you could want! His defense and attack skills are some of the best I have ever faced. This guy is a delight to wrestle! Off the mats he's the proverbial "gentle giant"! Who could ask for more? This wrestler is one of the top stars of the UK wrestling scene!!!

Now guys, here is a wrestler you shouldn't miss! Strong, skilled, great physique!



sjs333 jest polecany przez silverbear

Steve is strong, fit and very capable on the mats, well worth the time taken to step on to his mats. In addition he is one of the most genuine, caring and decent guys you could ever wish to meet.



silverbear jest polecany przez sjs333

a Great guy, very friendly and hospitable, genuine guy who loves a good old wrestle. big build and knows some good moves. 100% recommended.



sjs333 jest polecany przez MEGRAPPLE

Met "Mr Muscles" whilst staying over at Silver bear's. Although it was a 10 minute session. I felt that he was a save and sane wrestler. The give and take match was great and the next time we meet it will be a power draining match. Not only does he look the part of a great wrestler, he is skilled and adapts to suit your level. Can't recommend enough and will wrestle again!! What are you waiting for? Step on the mats wrestle!!



MEGRAPPLE jest polecany przez sjs333

sound bloke, excellent wrestler.
good laugh and welcome back anytime.
highly recommended.



sjs333 jest polecany przez alpinisto

It was a pure coincidence that I happened to meet Steve for wrestling, but it turned out to become one of the best matches I have ever had. He sure has some good strong legs and I had been warned about his scissors, but I soon found that he had other aces up his sleeve. Even though he was controlling most of the bout it really was great to wrestle him and there are plenty of reasons to return to Darlington for a repeat match.



sjs333 jest polecany przez ToughMature

Great guy. Tough, built, fun. Also a gentleman. Go to Darlington - worth the trip!



ToughMature jest polecany przez sjs333

great guy, met him when he was over in the u.k.
great wrestle, highly recommended.
would love to met and wrestle him again.



musclneck jest polecany przez sjs333

Bill is an awesome wrestler.. the best wrestler I have met, the genuine article, smashing bloke off the mat, monster on it!..
the guvnor...very highly recommended.